Workshop on Discourse and Strategy-as-Practice

This workshop explored the production, dissemination and consumption of strategy discourse(s), how these discourses are largely constituted, enacted, maintained, transformed or resisted through discursive work, and their implications for work and organisation.

The workshop also addressed the multiple facets of discourse research, including the textual, contextual, performative and the material aspects of strategy-related discourses, and also questions related to research design and methodology.

It featured the work of leading international scholars as well as members of ICRODSC at the universities of Melbourne and Sydney and also provided PhD students with an opportunity to liaise with these scholars to discuss their research.

Keynote speakers included Professor Julia Balogun (Chair in Strategic Management, Lancaster University) and Professor David Seidl (University of Zurich).


Workshops on Academic Writing

Dr Wendy Noble, who is an applied linguist specialising in the principles of academic writing, held two workshops on academic writing. The first workshop focused on grant writing and how to convince a panel of experienced Australian Research Council assessors that your project is worth funding. Participants learned how to hone the central aim of the project, highlight the project's significance, clearly articulate its contributions and boost competency claims about the research team.

A second workshop focused on doctoral scholars and how to write their thesis. Participants were introduced to a variety of cohesive approaches, enabling them to link ideas into a smoothly flowing and sustained argument, as well as tools for managing a thesis, meeting milestones and making the most of  supervisory panels.


Deloitte – Expert Lunch with Professor Wanda J Orlikowski

ICRODSC members at the University of Sydney Business School hosted a visit from Professor Wanda J Orlikowski, the Alfred P Sloan Professor of Management, and a Professor of Information Technologies and Organization Studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Professor Orlikowski is one of the world’s leading researchers on the social and economic implications of using internet technologies, known for her research into the dynamic relationship between information technologies and organisations, with a particular emphasis on structures, cultures, work practices and change.

As part of the visit,  a select gathering of senior executives from across Sydney met Professor Orlikowski to hear her talk about digital disruption in the business sector. This lunch event was held at the offices of Deloitte, Sydney and major corporate organisations were represented from the professional services and finance sectors, providing an excellent opportunity to interact with a leading global expert and gain insights that could help shape business strategy.