The International Centre for Research in Organisational Discourse, Strategy and Change (ICRODSC) was established in 2001 to link researchers from across the world who share an interest in developing and applying discourse methods in the study of organisations.

Through its team of leading scholars, the centre is building a critical mass in research expertise, facilitating cross-institutional research and providing a banner for new and collaborative research initiatives.

The centre also holds regular workshops and exchanges, bringing leading international scholars to Australia, as well as providing opportunities for academics and doctoral students to engage with institutional partners.


ICRODSC's objectives are:

  • to establish a leading group of world class scholars in organisational discourse in order to facilitate research on organisational discourse, strategy and change,
  • to encourage collaborative research projects among leading universities in the field of organisational discourse,
  • to disseminate research findings on discourse analysis and its applications through academic publications, seminars and conferences,
  • to facilitate research and teaching interchanges among scholars who work in this area,
  • to increase opportunities for researchers interested in discourse analysis to interact through specific initiatives, such as workshops and conferences, and
  • to facilitate collaborative links regarding research and postgraduate training in the field of organisational discourse.


Since being launched by four institutions - the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, King's College at the University of London, and Canada's McGill University - the centre has grown to include institutional partners in a range of countries.

partner institutions and ICRODSC co-directors