Workshop on Institutional Entrepreneurship

A two-day workshop on Institutional Entrepreneurship brought leading international and national scholars to Melbourne, including:

  • Barbara Czarniawska (University of Gothenburg),
  • Raghu Garud (New York University),
  • Susse Georg and Peter Karnoe (Copenhagen Business School),
  • Paul Hirsch (Northwestern University),
  • Petter Holm (University of Tronso),
  • Michael Lounsbury (Cornell University),
  • Frank Mueller (St Andrews University),
  • Trevor Pinch (Cornell University)
  • David Grant and Nick Wailes (University of Sydney),
  • Steve Maguire (McGill University), and
  • Nelson Phillips (University of Cambridge).

The University of Melbourne's Leisa Sargent, Bill Harley, Cynthia Hardy and a number of doctoral students also participated.

The aim of the workshop was to set the stage for a special issue of Organization Studies on institutional entrepreneurship, co-edited by Raghu Garud, Cynthia Hardy and Steve Maguire.


Workshop on Managing Enterprise Resource Planing (ERPs): Organisational Implications

This workshop involved the more than 25 academics from universities across Australia participating studying ERPs from a variety of perspectives, with the aim to focus on post-implementation issues with particular reference to organisational impacts.

Speakers included:

  • Peter Seddon, Department of Information Systems, Melbourne University,
  • Nasrin Rahmati, School of Business, Monash University,
  • Sue Williams and Catherine Hardy, Business Information Systems, University of Sydney,
  • Guy Gable, School of Information Systems, Queensland University of Technology, and
  • Madhavan Thiruvenkatachari, Business Information Systems, University of Sydney.

Each presenter was invited to submit a paper for a Special Issue of Strategic Change, which will also include a summary of the panel discussion.


Workshop on Renewing Research Practice

A workshop on Renewing Research Practice for doctoral students was held at the University of Melbourne, with Professor Peter Frost, who, prior to his death, held the position of Edgar F Kaiser Chair in Organizational Behaviour at the University of British Columbia.


Seminar on Toxic Emotions at Work

Professor Peter Frost, who, prior to his death, held the position of Edgar F Kaiser Chair in Organizational Behaviour at the University of British Columbia gave a departmental seminar on Toxic Emotions at Work.

The presentation was based on his book Toxic Emotions at Work: How Compassionate Managers Handle Pain and Conflict (HBS Press: 2003), which won the Academy of Management's 2003 George R. Terry Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Management Knowledge.


Workshop on Organisational Ethnography

A workshop on Organisational Ethnography was held for doctoral students at the University of Melbourne, led by Professor James Barker from Organizational Theory and Strategy, Department of Management, US Air Force Academy.

Professor Barker shared his experiences from his seven-year period of study in ISE Communications - a North American electronics manufacturer that was engaged in an extended program of organisational change.


Seminar on Team Communication

Professor James Barker from Organizational Theory and Strategy, Department of Management, US Air Force Academy gave a departmental seminar on How Swift Starting Action Teams Get Off the Ground: What Airline Flightcrews Can Tell Us About Team Communication.

This presentation revisited United Airlines Flight 232 which, in 1989, survived a catastrophic inflight engine explosion due, in part, to the crew's ability to communicate while under crisis conditions.


Workshop on Effective Reviewing

A workshop on Effective Reviewing was held at the University of Melbourne as part of a visit by Professor Gibson Burrell (Leicester University). Professor Burrell, together with the senior associate editor of Journal of Management Carol Kulik and the University of Melbourne's Cynthia Hardy gave presentations about what makes for effective reviewing and understanding the reviewing process from an organisational perspective.


Seminar on 20th Century Quadrilles

Leicester University's Professor Gibson Burrell gave a departmental seminar on 20th Century Quadrilles: The Aristocracy, Owners, Managers and Professionals. Within a broad historical sweep, this seminar looked at the development of the professions and professionalism.


Seminar on Self-Service: Retail, Shopping and Personhood

Professor Paul du Gay (Open University, UK) gave a departmental seminar at the University of Melbourne on Self-Service: Retail, Shopping and Personhood. His work examines self-service shopping technologies in British retailing from after World War II.


Workshop on Resistance and Discourse

Melbourne and Sydney universities collaborated to host this workshop on Resistance and Discourse, involving members of partner institutions including Dan K√§rreman (Lund University) and Linda Putnam (Texas A&M University). In addition, Dennis Mumby (University of North Carolina) and Karen Ashcraft (University of Utah), who collaborate on research related to resistance and discourse, also attended.

A special issue of Management Communication Quarterly containing papers from the workshop was commissioned, guest edited by Sydney and Texas A&M members.