Workshop on Gender

More than 30 people, representing academic, administrative and student groups, attended this workshop to discuss and debate issues related to gender.

Panellists included:

  • Professor David Knights (Keele, UK) who has written extensively on power, identity, masculinity and insecurity,
  • Professor Joanne Martin (Stanford, USA), who is well known for her work on gender,
  • Suzy Nixon, who is a psychologist with expertise in organisational consulting, counselling and psychotherapy and a former director of Melbourne University's Counselling and Advisory, and
  • Professor Amanda Sinclair (Melbourne Business School), who has a longstanding interest in women's leadership, as well as gender, ethics and diversity.


Workshop on Organisational Change

This international research symposium, New Ways of Thinking about Organisational Change: Discourses, Strategies, Processes, Forms, was hosted by the University of Sydney. It brought together more than 30 invited speakers and discussants from the US, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region and attracted interest from the Journal Strategic Change and the Journal of Organizational Change Management, which commissioned special issues based on the symposium themes  guest edited by Sydney and Leicester-based members of ICRODSC.


Workshop on Publishing

This workshop, Developing Strategies for Research and Publishing, was co-sponsored by the Australian Research Council, the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, and Melbourne University's Faculty of Business and Economics.

It was aimed at helping PhD students and early career researchers develop strategies for a successful research and publishing career and establish an international research profile.

Four editors of international journals, including Professor Karen Legge (Warwick), editor of Journal of Management Studies, Professor Hayagreeva Rao (Emory), editor of Organizational Science, Professor David Wilson (Warwick), editor of Organization Studies, and Professor Russell Lansbury (Sydney), editor of Journal of Industrial Relations, provided advice to more than 40 participants.