Completed research grants


New Technology and Talent Acquisition in Australian Professional Services Firms

Academics Nick Wailes, David Grant, Kristine Dery, Richard Hall and Phillip Seltsikas received $193,000 as part of an ARC Discovery Project to study new technology and talent acquisition in Australian professional services firms.

The project examined the adoption and use of new recruitment-related technologies by Australian professional services firms, with a particular emphasis on social media.

Managing Age in Organisational Context: A Comparative Study of the Meaning of Age Among Managers

The University of Melbourne's Cynthia Hardy and Susan Ainsworth, The University of Sydney's Leanne Cutcher and Cardiff University's Robyn Thomas were awarded $275,829 by the ARC to investigate the failure by Australian organisations to adapt to an ageing population.

By pushing the boundaries of the discursive approach, and comparing how age is managed in different organisations, this study developed a framework of effective age-management strategies for employers, and challenged taken-for-granted views about ageing.


An Organisational Perspective on Risk Assessment: Comparing Chemicals Management in Australia and Canada

The University of Melbourne's Cynthia Hardy and McGill University's Steve Maguire were awarded $124,493 by the ARC to compare chemical management in Australia and Canada, examining the managerial and organisational implications of chemical risk assessment in both countries.


Sustainable Organisational Change: Australian Business Responses to Climate Change

Academics Chris Wright, Daniel Nyberg, David Grant and Richard Dunford won a $190,000 ARC Linkage Project grant to study the capacity of business to respond to climate change.

By adopting a discourse analytic approach that highlighted the interrelationship between the discourse and practice of organisational change at eight major Australian businesses, the project sought to generate new insights into how businesses are responding to climate change.


Technology Evolution and the Environment: A Discursive Perspective

The University of Melbourne's Professor Cynthia Hardy and McGill University's Professor Steve Maguire won a $(CAD)127,970 grant from Canada's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to study the evolution of technology and the environment.

The research project examined the role of discourse in the substitution of incumbent technologies associated with the generation of environmental risks, as well as the emergence of new 'green chemistry' technologies associated with the alleviation of environmental risks.


Human Resource (HR) Information Systems and the Strategic Significance of the HR Function

Academics Richard Hall, Nick Wailes, Kristine Dery and David Grant received a $186,000 ARC Linkage Project grant to study computer-based HR management systems.

The team collaborated with several Australian organisations to enhance understanding of the conditions that allow for smart information use.

Impact of Changes in the Nursing Sector

The University of Melbourne's Leisa Sargent and Bill Harley won a $118,000 ARC Linkage Project grant to, in collaboration with the Victorian Branch of the Australian Nursing Federation, examine the effects of job changes and human resource practices on nurses' well-being, employee retention in the aged care sector, medication errors and the quality of resident care.


Managing Transformational Change: A Discursive Approach

The University of Melbourne's Cynthia Hardy and McGill University's Steve Maguire were awarded $43,000 for an ARC Discovery Project which used discourse analysis to study instances of transformational change in the agricultural and industrial chemicals sector.

Research by the pair focused on change initiatives associated with the emergence and abandonment of products in response to evolving environmental policies and health concerns.


Institutional Entrepreneurship and Technology Evolution: Innovating for Health and Environment in the Global Economy

The University of Melbourne's Cynthia Hardy and McGill University's Steve Maguire were awarded $(CAD)120,000 from Canada's Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council to explore the social construction of technologies and, especially, the way in which actors such as non-government organisations, governments and scientists can act strategically to influence the fates of innovations.


The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems on Australian Organisations

ICRODSC used a $131,000 ARC Discovery Project grant to undertake the innovative application of an organisational change model to eight detailed case studies across a range of organisational types, generating important insights into the effects of ERP implementations across Australian organisations.


Organisational Discourse

ICRODSC was awarded a $63,370 ARC Linkage International grant to research organisational discourse and  help build its network.