National Competitive Research Grants

ICRODSC has been awarded more than $2 million in national and international grants since it was founded.

Current grants


Low Carbon Transition in the Australian Energy Sector

Chris Wright (Sydney University received $184,426 (AUD) for his ARC Discovery Project with Bernt Nyberg (University of Newcastle). This project will investigate the Australian energy sector’s responses to low emission pressures, comparing the role of different actors in the transition and developing a model explaining the political dynamics of the transition.


Risk and Change in Institutional Fields

McGill University's Professor Steve Maguire (principal investigator) and the University of Melbourne's Professor Cynthia Hardy were awarded $(CAD)176,101 by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada to examine how Canadian organizations manage chemical risks.


Risk and Change In Institutional Fields: The Case Of Industrial Chemicals

The University of Melbourne's Professor Cynthia Hardy and McGill University's Professor Steve Maguire were awarded $96,000 by the Australian Research Council (ARC) to study how government, business and non-governmental organisations can better manage chemical risks.

Using a discursive approach to compare Australian and Canadian organisations, the study will explore how organisations can act as institutional entrepreneurs and introduce sustainable field-level solution to risk rather than relying on government regulation.


Strategy and Identity  

The University of Sydney's David Oliver, with HEC Montreal's Ann Langley and Linda Rouleau were awarded $(CAD)152,000 by Canada's Social Science and Humanities Research Council to investigate how identity and strategy interact and co-evolve in situations of identity tension. In particular, the research will focus on how strategy narratives draw on and (re)construct the identities of organisations and organisational stakeholders over time in the face of identity tensions.

The Costs, Performance, Efficiency and Accountability of Australian Private Prisons

The University of Sydney's Jane Andrew and Max Baker were awarded an $80,000 University of Sydney Business School Industry Partnership Grant to examine the costs, performance, efficiency and accountability of private prisons in Australia.

Drawing on publicly available data and interviews with key players in the sector, the research team is developing a database on private prisons within Australia, which will include parliamentary debates, inquiries, annual reports, Productivity Commission reports and service contracts. A report on the costs, performance, efficiency and accountability of prison privatisation will be prepared based on this data.

Compassion at the Heart of Health Care

The University of Sydney's Anya Johnson and Helena Nguyen were awarded $60,000 by the Sydney Local Health District and NSW State Government to investigate compassionate, patient-centred care across the Sydney Local Health District.

The research team will identify the individual and team-level factors that facilitate and enable nurses and midwives to engage in compassionate care and encourage compassion and wellbeing at work more generally.

Completed research grants