Working Papers

The Department of Finance Working Papers Series presents the results of research projects undertaken by our academic staff.

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Working Paper No.Author/sTitleDate
01/21Les ColemanIssues relating to the ontology, epistemology and philosophy of equity pricing research2021
02/21Antonio Gargano,
Alberto G. Rossi
Correcting Present Bias in Saving Decisions with FinTech May 2021
03/21Antonio Gargano,
Marco Giacoletti
Cooling Auction Fever: Underquoting Laws in the Housing Market April 2021
04/21Shisheng Qu, Libo Sun, Garry TwiteFailed Bank Asset Recovery: The Influence of Deposits and Loan ExposureJan 2021
05/21Zhuo Chen, Andrea Lu, Xiaoquan Zhu

Investor Sentiment and the Pricing of Macro Risks for Hedge Funds

March 2021
06/21Xi Li , Andrea Lu and Huijun WangWeather and Cross-Section of Stock ReturnsMay 2021
07/21James Brugler, Carole Comerton-Forde and J. Spencer MartinSecondary market transparency and corporate bond issuing costsMarch 2021
08/21Jonathan Brogaard, James Brugler and Dominik RöschCompetition and Exchange Data FeesApril 2021
09/21Phuong L. Nguyen, Neal Galpin and Garry TwiteNew Active Blockholders and Adjustment of CEO relative incentive ratiosSeptember 2021
10/21Joachim InkmannEstimating industry-specific human capital from a dynamic portfolio choice modelNovember 2021
11/21James Brugler, Joachim Inkmann and Adrian RizzoDid background risk hedging demands change over the Great Recession?November 2021
12/21Joachim Inkmann, Alexander Michaelides and Yuxin ZhangFamily Portfolio Choice over the Life CycleNovember 2021


Working Paper No.Author/sTitleDate
01/20 Giovanni Cespa, Antonio Gargano, Steven J. Riddiough, Lucio Sarno Foreign Exchange Volume 2020
02/20 Antonio Gargano, Juan Sotes-Paladino, Patrick Verwijmeren Short of Capital: Stock Market Implications of Short Sellers' Losses 2020
03/20 Antonio Gargano, Juan Sotes-Paladino, Patrick Verwijmeren Out of Sync:Dispersed Short Selling and the Correction of Mispricing 2020
04/20 Antonio Gargano, Marco Giacoletti, Elvis Jarnecic Local Experiences, Attention and Spillovers in the Housing Market Oct 2020
05/20 Jonathan Cohn, Sheridan Titman, Garry Twite Capital Structure and Investor-Level Taxes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Europe Dec 2020
06/20 Jedrzej Bialkowski, Sheridan Titman, Garry Twite The Determinants of Office Rental Yields: The International Evidence Dec 2020
07/20 Sjoerd van Bekkum, Bruce D. Grundy, Patrick Verwijmeren The Importance of Sovereign Bond Benchmarks for Corporate Debt  Issuance: Mind the Gap Oct 2020
08/20 Renée Adams, Roman Kräussl,
Marco Navone, Patrick Verwijmeren
Gendered Prices Nov 2020
09/20 David Veenman, Patrick VerwijmerenThe Earnings Expectations Game and the Dispersion Anomaly Dec 2020
10/20Zhuo Chen,  Andrea Lu,  Huili  Xiao,  Xiaoquan ZhuLocal Political-Turnover-Induced  Uncertainty and Bond  Market Pricing2020
11/20Zhuo Chen, Jinyu Liu, Andrea LuCarbon Dioxide and Asset Pricing: Evidence  from International Stock MarketsDec
12/20Zhuo Chen, Bibo Liu, Huijun Wang, Zhengwei Wang, Jianfeng YuCharacteristics-Based FactorsNov 2020
13/20Zhuo Chen, Bibo Liu, Huijun Wang, Zhengwei Wang, Jianfeng YuInvestor Sentiment and the Pricing of Characteristic-Based  FactorsFeb 2020
14/20James Brugler, Carole Comerton-Forde and Terrence HendershottDoes Financial Market Structure Impact the Cost of Raising Capital?Feb 2020
15/20James Brugler, Minsoo Kim and Zhuo ZhongLiquidity shocks and pension fund performance: Evidence from the Early Release SchemeDec 2020
16/20Anthony W. Lynch and Oliver RandallFast-moving Habit: Implications for Equity ReturnsJune 2020
17/20Xin Gao and Federico NardariInvesting in Mutual Funds: Exploiting the Cross-sectional Predictability in Fund PerformanceJuly 2020