New Partnership Announcement: Melbourne Institute and Roy Morgan Join Forces to Take the Pulse of the Nation

Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research at The University of Melbourne and Roy Morgan, Australia’s largest independent researcher, are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership to deliver Taking the Pulse of the Nation, a national survey providing real-time insights on Australian behaviours and attitudes on current social and economic issues.

Taking the Pulse of the Nation banner

The partnership brings together Melbourne Institute’s expert research analysis and Roy Morgan’s unmatched experience in delivering a world class suite of survey products, to elevate the insights, reach and longevity of the Taking the Pulse of the Nation survey that first commenced in April 2020. Together, Melbourne Institute and Roy Morgan will capture the voices of Australians and provide insights into the issues that matter right now.

"As the Melbourne Institute celebrates its 60 -year anniversary as a research institute, this partnership with Roy Morgan could not come at a more important time. We are facing increasingly complex challenges and opportunities that need deeper and more extensive insights,” Director of the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research and Ronald Henderson Professor, A. Abigail Payne said.

“The initiation of the Taking the Pulse of the Nation in 2020 was started by a Melbourne Institute team of researchers interested in understanding the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic using real time information. It has grown, however, to capture more than the pandemic and now includes a range of issues affecting Australians today." Professor Payne added.

Michele Levine, Chief Executive Officer at Roy Morgan said, “The partnership between Roy Morgan and the Melbourne Institute brings together years of research and analytical expertise from both organisations to provide incisive analysis of contemporary economic and social trends.

“It is critical policymakers understand how the economic and social policies being carried out by Government are impacting the lives of the average Australian. By Taking the Pulse of the Nation we aim to closely monitor the sentiments and behaviours of Australians to better inform key decision-makers on what policies are working as intended, and which may be falling short.”

The partnership demonstrates that academic research and analysis can be turned around quickly, giving expert insight into what’s happening today to help inform economic and social policy in Australia. All previous reports can be found here.

The survey data is available to the public upon request. Please contact us for more information and access.

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