Delivering Tangible Impact for Australian Red Cross

By Henry Gao

BCom student, Henry Gao completed the Management Consulting subject in 2022 with the Australian Red Cross.

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Henry Gao

I was drawn to apply for the Management Consulting subject because I wanted to discover ‘how’ to be a consultant while developing hard and soft skills applicable to internships and careers post-university. My team was assigned to the Australian Red Cross (ARC), one of Australia’s leading community services and humanitarian aid charities.

We undertook a market research project that required both primary and secondary research, challenging us to shift away from our comfort zone. We had never undertaken a project of this caliber and complexity in our previous subjects. However, we were not left alone to work on our project. We regularly communicated with our client representatives and project advisor, who provided us with guidance.

We undertook core consulting functions on behalf of the client – including a data collection plan, project charter, client presentation, and consulting report. Undertaking this subject provided an opportunity for us to apply prior knowledge gained from our studies throughout the development of client deliverables. For example, the ability to facilitate interviews, construct interview questions, and conduct interview coding gained from the subject ‘Market and Business Research’ helped us discover critical insights whilst conducting primary research.

One of the highlights of my time spent working on the project was the opportunity to expand my professional network. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work with a team that encouraged and celebrated each other and our successes while also sharing the same passion for delivering tangible impact. By the end of the subject, not only was I injected into a collaborative environment where I was able to learn, develop and apply consulting skills to be part of ARC’s mission and the wider community they intend to impact, but also developed my understanding, knowledge, and experience in the not-for-profit sector.

Henry and Teammates Delivering their Final Presentation

As someone breaking into the management consulting industry, the subject was a good introduction into the role of a management consultant. It offered skill-based workshops and project-based lectures that reflected core functions carried out by management consultants. With no industry experience in consulting, the subject helped me understand and set realistic expectations for my career. By the end of the subject, the satisfaction of gauging and improving an organisation’s performance helped validate my career goal to become a management consultant. From an employment perspective, the problem-solving and practical skills obtained from the subject has enabled me to apply these skills to not only job interviews, but also in the workplace.

If I were to describe the Management Consulting subject experience in three words, it would be impact, growth, and community. I recommend the subject to any Bachelor of Commerce students looking to apply their knowledge gained from studies to deliver tangible impact for an organisation. Furthermore, the practical skills gained are highly transferable when seeking internships or postgraduate roles. Lastly, for those aspiring management consultants, the subject provides an essential introduction to the world of management consulting.

Management Consulting is a work-integrated learning subject in the Bachelor of Commerce that gives students the opportunity to undertake a real client-specified business project of strategic importance.

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