Management Consulting

Due to the evolving impacts of COVID-19, we will be reviewing and updating our offerings and key dates on a rolling basis as the situation progresses. This page will be updated with new information when available and updates will be announced in the BCom Newsletter.

Applications for Semester 1 2023 intake are now open.
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"Management Consulting is a challenging but rewarding subject that allows Commerce students to draw on their prior knowledge to resolve real-world business issues. This experiential subject enabled me to improve my problem-solving skills while providing an incredible opportunity to enhance my teamwork and communication skills within a professional setting."

Shiyi Cai (Cathy), Management Consulting at Monitor Deloitte

Read more about Cathy's experience


Be part of a student consulting team in a real business environment and work on a strategically important challenge set by your client.

MGMT30012 Management Consulting is a unique subject that provides you with the opportunity to apply your university learning to a business challenge of strategic importance in a real business environment.

You will be required to draw upon multi-disciplinary knowledge, skills and theory acquired from your previous studies, working in a student consulting team on a project specified by a client organisation.

Students have worked with clients in a range of industries, from large Australian and multinational companies to niche agencies and not-for-profit organisations.  The list of clients is different each semester depending on available projects.

By completing this subject, you will:

  • integrate and apply theoretical material acquired from your studies to a real business challenge
  • learn how to synthesise and work with unstructured and incomplete information
  • extend your knowledge through research and other forms of enquiry
  • develop your team-work skills
  • learn how to present findings and seek and receive constructive feedback
  • learn how to operate effectively within a commercial working environment

For more information on how this subject will be assessed, please refer to the 'Assessment' tab in our 2022 handbook. Our 2023 handbook will only be available later in the year.

How does Management Consulting work?

It is expected that this subject will be delivered on campus with face-to-face teaching in 2023. Client visits will depend on the individual host organisation’s requirements and work practices, but may be remote, face-to-face or hybrid.

Students will be allocated to teams and each team assigned to a client organisation. Students will meet  for four hours (remote, face-to-face or hybrid) at least once per week from Week 2 to Week 12 of the semester. Within this weekly meeting, the team will dedicate part of this time to meeting with the client and the remainder to continued project work. Teams will explore an open-ended business challenge, which may involve interviewing stakeholders, conducting research or other activities required for successful completion of the consulting project. Students are supported by a client facilitator and an academic supervisor.

Weekly lectures/seminars, consultations and assignments are designed to assist teams in completing the consulting project. Additional team meetings will be arranged for each team to meet with their academic supervisor (coach). The final output is a professional-standard team report that analyses the business challenge and proposes strategies for the client's consideration.

Key dates

Students offered a place in the Management Consulting are required to participate in all listed activities. If you are unable to commit to the project period, please do not apply.

ActivitySemester 1 2023
Applications openMonday 12 September 2022
Live virtual Q&A session12.30pm - 1.30pm (AEST), Tuesday 20 September 2022 
Register here (Zoom Password: 139395)
Applications close11.59pm (AEDT) Sunday 9 October 2022
Interviews  (if required)Tuesday 25 October 2022
Selection outcomesTuesday 1 November 2022
Subject commencesMonday 27 February 2023
Project periodMonday 6 March - Friday 26 May 2023
Final presentationMonday 22 May -  Friday 26 May 2023

Selection criteria

Management Consulting is only available as an elective to Bachelor of Commerce students. To be eligible to apply for this subject, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 65% or higher. Due to limited spaces, entry into Management Consulting is competitive. The minimum WAM requirement is 65% obtained at the University of Melbourne. Grades from subjects taken at another institution will not be considered. The Selection Committee considers the following when allocating places:
  1. Academic performance
  2. Responses to application question(s)
  3. Interview performance (if an online interview is requested)
  4. An overall match of skills, experience and interests to the available project
  • You have completed a minimum of 150 points at the commencement of the subject, including MGMT20001 Organisational Behaviour. Students who intend to complete Organisational Behaviour over the Summer Term will not be able to apply for the subsequent Semester 1 intake of Management Consulting.
  • You have not previously taken MGMT30017 Global Management Consulting or MGMT30012 Management Consulting. Students are not eligible to take both Management Consulting and Global Management Consulting within their degree.
  • Actuarial Students seeking to apply for Management Consulting must seek course advice from Stop 1 prior to applying.

Exchange and study abroad students are welcome to apply. Please send your expression of interest to

Preparing your application

The University of Melbourne offers a range of tools, resources, workshops and information sessions to assist you with preparing a quality CV, strengthening your interview skills and much more.

Careers & Employability Studio
Get online resources, CV preparation, workshops/seminars, individual advice.

Smart Resume
Preparing your resume can take time. Use Smart Resume to create/update your CV.

Get job application tools, personality and skills test, employability skills and more.

Information sessions

Video recording of Management Consulting Semester 1 2023 Q&A session with Kris Young (Academic Subject Coordinator) and Ruby Sakarintr (Guest Student Speaker).


Applications for Semester 1 2023 intake are now open until 11.59PM (AEDT) Sunday 9 October. Please follow the steps outlined below to apply through our Sonia platform.

How to apply

  • Step 1

    Login to Sonia Live using your University of Melbourne student credentials:

    Click into Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Step 2

    Click on the Placements tab on the menu bar at the top of the page and search for Management Consulting.

    Please note that Management Consulting will only appear in the Placements screen if applications are currently open for an upcoming intake. If the subject does not appear in the list, it is likely that applications have not yet opened or have already closed. Check the key dates section above to find out when applications are open for this intake.

  • Step 3

    Click the green + Join option. This will give you access to the subject application form which can be found on the Forms tab (you may need to refresh your browser for this to appear).

  • Step 4

    Complete all fields of the application form and, when ready, click submit. Please ensure you take note of the application due date as we do not accept late submissions.

  • Step 5

    After the closing date, applications will be shortlisted and applicants will receive an outcome vial email.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Management Consulting, please email

Frequently asked questions

Application, Fees and Enrolment

  • What if I am not majoring in management?

    You do not need to be majoring in management to take this subject. In fact, we try to ensure there is a mix of disciplines in order to cover the various needs of the projects. However, you must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce.

  • What is the selection process like?

    Interested students must first submit an online application. Applications are reviewed and students may be asked to participate in an interview, which is used to address the relevant selection criteria. After the interview, a second round of selection takes place before students are offered a place.

  • What is the minimum academic average required?

    The minimum WAM required from students taking part in FBE consulting subjects is 65%.  However, due to the volume of applications received and limited interview places, the minimum academic average changes for every application intake (depending on applications received) and is often higher than 65%.  We encourage you to apply for the program if you have a WAM of 65% or higher.

  • Do I need to provide my CV?

    Students who receive an official offer to participate in Management Consulting are required to submit an up-to-date CV as part of the acceptance process. Although we do not assess your CV as part of the selection process, it is important to submit a professional CV as we provide this to the client. It is also used in team allocation as we take special interests you may have listed into consideration when possible.

  • What are you looking for in the interview?  What can I do to prepare in advance?

    We will provide you with specific interview preparation information if you are invited to interview, including the broad topic of each of the questions you will be asked. Generally, we want you to give us examples of your experience when answering the questions. Please review the Careers and Employability Studio resources in advance.

  • Is there any flexibility with the interview date? Is there an alternative process if I am not available?

    Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Online interviews may be permitted due to valid reasons such as being out of the country on an exchange or an internship, for example.

  • How much does it cost?

    The tuition fee for this subject is the same as all other management subjects. This subject requires each team to submit a comprehensive report digitally .

  • Can I enrol myself into this subject using the online student system?

    No, as this is a quota subject, you will be unable to select this subject online.  Once selection has taken place, Stop 1 will enrol all students into the subject.

Timetable, Projects and Assessment

  • Is this subject difficult?

    Management Consulting is a challenging subject and unlike any other coursework subject you may have taken in the past.  You will be faced with ambiguity and must operate with a great deal of autonomy.  However, it is an exceptionally rewarding individual and team experience, and a unique opportunity to work on a real business problem with industry experts.

  • When is the timetable available?

    Timetable information for this subject is released at the same time as other subjects, however lectures and workshops are always delivered on a Monday.  We ask for your availability for client visits, which occur once per week during the morning or afternoon from Tuesday to Friday.

  • Are there multiple streams?

    No, there is only the one lecture and workshop as the subject is capped at 60 students.

  • Do I have to attend the first lecture in Week 1 of the semester?

    Yes, it is a requirement of the subject to attend the first lecture in Week 1 of the semester. Consulting groups are formed in the first lecture, and preliminary work commences with the team coaches. If you know you will not be available for the first lecture, please do not apply.

  • Can I choose my team mates?  Can I choose the company or project?

    No, you will be allocated to your team and the company with a specific project.  We consider a range of factors when allocating teams, such as a balance of disciplines/majors and gender within a team; student availability for client visits; alignment of specific skills to projects and if you have indicated a specific area of interest.

  • What happens if my team can’t meet the client’s expectations?

    You are mentored and supported through the entire process by the Academic Coordinator and your team coach.

  • What are the assessment tasks for this subject?  Will I have to provide feedback on my team mates?

    Subject assessment tasks are outlined in the Handbook. You will not be required to give personal feedback on your team mates.