Enhance your business skills and give yourself a head-start in your career with an internship.

BCom student Grace Chen (pictured with friends) scored a coveted internship with EY.

“The hardest part for me was the group interview presentation. Before the actual interview, practice with a few friends and refine your answers.”

Grace Chen, Internship EY

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What is an internship?

An internship is a fixed-term opportunity to practice and develop professional skills under supervision in the workplace. It may take place during vacation periods – in which case it may be referred to as a Vacation Program – or on a part-time basis at any time of the year.

Internships are generally paid. Under the Fair Work Act, an internship needs to be paid unless it is:

  • with a not-for-profit organisation,
  • a ‘vocational placement’ as defined in the Fair Work Act (2009) as a required and/or assessable part of your course.

With paid internships, your employer normally provides insurance cover. The University will only provide insurance cover if the internship is an assessable part of your course.

Finding an internship

Check out the University of Melbourne’s Careers Online for local internship and employment opportunities, and Going Global for international opportunities. And keep an eye on your student inbox for the Faculty of Business & Economics' weekly newsletter, which features some of the latest internship opportunities.

Preparing for an internship

To improve your employability skills we recommend you attend one of our FBE skills workshops.