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Our academics lead globally recognised research, teaching and collaboration. Our professional, administrative and support staff create a world-class working environment and enable academics to continue achieving internationally renowned excellence in research and teaching. All of our committed staff, who continually strive for better, are central to why FBE is a great place to work.

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FBE Strategic Vision

The 2015-2020 FBE Strategic Plan outlines our vision to be a leading global provider of business and economics education and research; to critically evaluate and influence policy design, corporate governance, and business practices; and to secure the best possible outcomes for our stakeholders and for the broader societies in which we operate.

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The Faculty are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated.

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Researcher Spotlight

Professor Margaret Abernethy says she loves her job and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights with others through teaching and research.
Recently, she founded the Melbourne Centre for Corporate Governance and Regulation to create opportunities for others in the Department and to deliver important insights for accounting professionals and industry bodies.
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Teaching and Learning

We strive to be the first-choice university in the region for the study of business and economics. By 2020 all of our programs will have passed through a cycle of extensive review and refinement, ensuring they are aligned with our desired graduate attributes and learning goals. New interdisciplinary programs are being rolled out in collaboration with University colleagues and through strategic partnerships with leading international schools. Blended and wholly on-line initiatives will be phased in and professional development for our academics will ensure these are delivered to the highest standard. Student load will be managed to ensure the imperative to grow does not compromise the quality of our student cohort, their diversity or of the programs we offer.

Our staffing and teaching and learning plans will require new physical capacity, including office space to house academic staff and state-of-the-art blended learning classrooms.

We are committed to:

  • providing formal mentoring of new recruits by senior staff
  • delivering routine reviews of all programs to promote continuous improvement
  • providing mobility opportunities through a comprehensive partnerships strategy
  • aligning confirmation and promotion to provide fast-track career progression for high-quality staff
  • offering greater flexibility in workforce classifications
  • investing in academic office space and state-of-the-art blended learning classrooms


FBE is the leading business and economics research entity in Australia, with a solid reputation for research quality, collaboration, engagement and impact. To sustainably improve our position, an intensified outward-oriented collaboration strategy will see formalised cooperation with other leading national and international research teams. This will take the form of increased inter-disciplinary research within the University of Melbourne in discipline areas such as Psychology and Health Sciences, in which there are natural overlaps with FBE, as well as more intensive collaborations with other like-minded leading research institutions internationally.

Leadership, Service and Engagement

FBE is dedicated to the overall influence of academic work, including academic excellence, originality and recognition, as well as impact, adoption, benefits and influence, within and beyond the Faculty.

We strongly encourage the development of new leadership skills and knowledge, as well as engaging with communities, industry and government embedded with teaching, research and research training, leadership and service.