Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

A society committed to sustainable growth and value creation driven by ethical leadership grounded in rigorous analysis and decision making.

Our Mission

We will contribute to a sustainable society by providing future change makers with strong analytical capabilities guided by social purpose, empowering academic excellence in teaching and research, and working with industry to address economic, social and environmental challenges.

Our Four Pillars


A broad and diverse community of students, alumni, teachers and professional support staff that is global in outlook but deeply respectful of the fact that we work and learn on the land of the people of the Kulin Nations.


A rich and dynamic discourse about the nature and characteristics of the sustainable future we want to create, including an appreciation of the challenges we must overcome to achieve long-run prosperity for all.


A culture where rigorous evaluation and debate of ideas, knowledge and theories is nurtured without discouraging people from investigating new ways of thinking or knowledge frameworks.


A place where students, professional staff, teachers and researchers strive to uncover ways to make the world a better place and seek out new and innovative ways to make it happen.