Using Canvas Analytics to Improve Learning

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Seminar Room 6.30, Level 6, FBE Building, 111 Barry Street, Parkville

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Tessa Brinley

  • Improving Teaching

"Using Canvas Analytics to Improve Learning"

Learning analytics provide academics with data about their student’s online activities for the purpose of optimising the learning experience. This workshop will provide participants with the foundational knowledge needed to effectively use the University’s LMS learning analytics tool (Canvas’ New Analytics). Participants are encouraged to attend (on-campus or virtually) with their laptops so they may apply the ideas discussed to their own Canvas teaching site during the session.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this workshop, participants Should be able to:

  • Access and navigate Canvas New Analytics;
  • Interpret the data and analytics made available in Canvas New Analytics to gain insights into student activity and participation; and
  • Use these data and analytics to identify opportunities to modify or redesign their subject/delivery to improve student engagement.


Dr. Andy Wear is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at the Williams Centre for Learning Advancement. He has worked in a number of Australian universities both as an academic and leading large-scale teaching and learning transformation projects, with a particular focus on digital and hybrid learning environments. He specialises in learning experience design, assessment design, digital pedagogies, philosophy of education, as well as academic leadership and development. Andy is an experienced facilitator of workshops and training supporting these capabilities.

Miriam Edwards is an Educational Designer at the Williams Centre for Learning Advancement. She is also a doctoral candidate at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Miriam has extensive experience in higher education which includes teaching, curriculum renewal and subject design. Her research interests are in designing online courses which are both innovative and accessible to students with diverse needs.