Graduate Research Stipend and Fee Remission Scholarships

FBE Doctoral Program Scholarships

For 5-year Doctoral Programs only

Full funding to cover the 2-year coursework component

The Faculty of Business and Economics Doctoral Program Scholarship (FBE-DPS) supports domestic and international graduate researchers during their two-year specialist Master of Commerce coursework preceding enrolment in the Faculty's Doctor of Philosophy (Business and Economics). This scholarship supports successful applicants for the following 5-year programs:


This scholarship is awarded on academic merit.

Applicants for a 5-year doctoral program are normally required to meet the course equivalent of a University of Melbourne First-Class Honours (80% or H1) weighted average mark (WAM) to be competitive. Information on the University's grading scheme is available on our Results page.


  • A stipend for living expenses at the University's Research Training Program (RTP) rate and indexed annually, paid quarterly
  • Full tuition fee remission for the 2-year Master of Commerce
  • Relocation Grant, to help with the cost of moving:
    • $2000 for students moving to Melbourne from states or territories other than Victoria or
    • $3000 for students moving to Melbourne from overseas
    • To qualify for the FBE relocation grant, applicants:
      • must have been living interstate or overseas at the time they applied for the FBE Doctoral Program; and
      • must relocate to Melbourne to commence their FBE Doctoral Program.
      Eligible applicants receive their relocation grant within the first month of their course enrolment.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Singles student visa-length cover (this is provided by the Scholarships Office with the University's preferred OSHC provider and covers the full 5-year Doctoral Program).

Important Terms and Conditions

  • Enrolment: Please visit the University's Graduate Coursework Scholarships page for important enrolment-related conditions of this scholarship.
  • Acknowledgement: Scholarship recipients are required to formally acknowledge the source of their funding on the public dissemination of all research outputs developed during their specific course of study.
  • Progression to PhD: Graduate researchers who meet their coursework hurdle and progression requirements for the PhD will be issued a graduate research scholarship offer of a stipend and full fee remission to commence the Faculty's Doctor of Philosophy (Business and Economics). This scholarship will replace the coursework FBE Doctoral Program Scholarship and coverage is normally for the duration of the graduate research course. Details on graduate research scholarships can be found below.

Graduate Research Scholarships

The University of Melbourne offers generous graduate research scholarships that cover living stipends and fee remissions (tuition fee exemptions) for applicants commencing a graduate research masters or doctor of philosophy course.

FBE Eligibility for Graduate Research Scholarships

Applicants for the following programs are eligible and automatically considered for these scholarships:

Five-year doctoral program applicants are automatically considered for these scholarships upon successful completion of their coursework component of their program.

There are two main graduate research scholarship funding sources for Faculty of Business and Economics graduate researchers:

The Australian Government's Research Training Program

The Research Training Program (RTP) supports domestic and overseas students undertaking research doctorate and research masters degrees.

RTP Stipends: a limited number of Australian government stipends to cover living expenses during graduate research study are available for high-achieving applicants.

RTP Fee-offset scholarship: this fee remission scholarship is awarded to Australian citizens, permanent residents, permanent humanitarian visa holders and New Zealand citizens accepted into a graduate research course (Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy or other research doctorate or masters by research) at The University of Melbourne.

University of Melbourne Graduate Research/Melbourne Research Scholarships

These scholarships provide living stipends, fee remissions and single Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to support  study for a research masters or research doctorate at Melbourne.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Philanthropic Scholarships

Donors fund a range of stipend, top-up and travel scholarships. Search for these on the University's scholarships database; scholarship opportunities are also promoted through different networks and closing dates are advertised throughout the year.

Faculty of Business and Economics Indigenous Graduate Research Scholarship

The Business and Economics Indigenous Graduate Research Scholarship is offered to Indigenous candidates who are enrolling in the Doctor of Philosophy – Business and Economics.

Australia Awards Scholarships

This scholarship is offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to applicants from participating countries. The study and research opportunities provided by Australia Awards Scholarships develop the skills and knowledge of individuals to drive change and contribute to development in their own countries.

  • Details are available on the Melbourne Australia Awards Scholarship page.
  • FBE doctoral program applicants must check for 5-year doctoral program admission requirements for their chosen discipline beforehand.

China Scholarship Council-University of Melbourne PhD Scholarships

This scholarship supports high-performing international students with an unconditional offer to study a PhD at the University of Melbourne.

Formal Acknowledgement of Scholarship Funding

Scholarship recipients are required to formally acknowledge all sources of financial support for their research in all research-related publications and in their thesis.

FBE Scholarship Assessment and Selection

There is no separate application process.  The Faculty of Business and Economics uses the University of Melbourne's graduate research scholarship scoring calculator and guidelines to arrive at an initial recommended scholarship score. The Discipline Selection Committee is  responsible for reviewing this score, ranking the applicant and confirming an applicant's final graduate research scholarship score.

Scholarship assessors are expected to consider an applicant's relativity of achievement to opportunity in determining their score and rank.

Applicants with a scholarship score equivalent to that of a University of Melbourne First-Class Honours (80% or H1) are considered competitive for graduate research scholarship ranking and award.

Information on the University's grading scheme is available on our Results page.

Eligibility for Scholarship Assessment and Selection

  • the applicant is eligible for consideration for selection into a graduate research course
  • the application has been checked for completeness by the central Admissions Office and
  • the application has subsequently been released to the Faculty for assessment


Graduate research scholarship scoring is based on:

  • academic merit (only the most recent relevant and completed tertiary qualification/s are considered)
  • research potential (prior research training or experience including research higher degree qualifications, published research, other research outputs and relevant professional or non-degree research experience) and
  • other academic esteem indicators specified in the University's Graduate Research Scholarships Calculator Guidelines (such as a qualifying degree institution's world research ranking).

Referee reports, unpublished research publications, conference posters and presentations, prizes or awards are excluded from scholarship assessment and scoring.

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