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Would you like clarification on the course rules, to find out about the enrichment opportunities available to you or would like to learn about overseas study opportunities? Are you having trouble choosing your subjects or would like to know what's expected in a tutorial? The following videos will provide you with an overview. If you have further questions, Stop 1, will be able to assist you.

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Stop 1 is the face of student services online, on the phone and in person. Services include administration, course planning, enrolment assistance, skills development and support services.

Student Enrichment

  • Student Exchange and Overseas Opportunities

    Wondering where a Bachelor of Commerce may lead you around the world? Hear more about what opportunities you have for study and travel as part of your Bachelor of Commerce.

  • Student Enrichment Bachelor of Commerce

Subject Disciplines

  • Accounting

  • Economics

  • Finance

  • Management

  • Marketing

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