BCom - Getting Started

Course information

Would you like clarification on the course rules? Are you having trouble choosing your subjects or would like to know what's expected in a tutorial? The following videos will provide you with an overview. If you have further questions, Stop 1, will be able to assist you.

Getting Started – Rules of the BCom

Understand the rules of your BCom, and what you’ll need to enrol into to successfully meet the course requirements.

Getting Started – Structure of the BCom

A brief introduction to the structure of the BCom, and what an average BCom course plan looks like.

Getting Started – BCom Streams

Understand the different BCom streams, what they mean, and which you should select in your Study Plan.

Getting Started – BCom Quantitative Requirement

Learn about the quantitative requirement, a compulsory component of the BCom.

Getting Started – BCom Majors

Discover what a major is in the BCom, and how it will factor into your course plan.

Getting Started – Breadth

What is Breadth and what opportunities can you explore through your breadth students?

Handbook – Choosing Subjects

The University Handbook is an important resource when choosing and enrolling in your subjects. Find out how to use and navigate the Handbook here.

During Semester – What to Expect

Not sure what will classes be like or what is expected of you now you are a Bachelor of Commerce student? You might find the answer in this video.

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