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Pursue your creative interests – Improve your career prospects – Complement and enhance your main field of study

What is Breadth?

Breadth is one of the most exciting aspects of the University's undergraduate degrees. Breadth subjects allow you to gain knowledge and understanding across a broader range of disciplines, enabling you to develop insight, experience, and new ways of thinking in areas distinct from the main fields of study in Commerce.

The aim of breadth is not only to encourage you to expand your academic horizons, but also to enable you to bring a broader range of skills to the workplace. Breadth can even help you prepare for graduate pathways or career entry.

As a Bachelor of Commerce student, you will take between four and six subjects chosen from outside the Faculty of Business and Economics as part of your degree. You can also follow a breadth track - a set of three or more coherent subjects that progressively develop your knowledge and skills in a particular area.

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Which science Breadth subjects can I take?

You can take a huge range of science subjects as Breadth, as long as you meet the subject requirements. Explore the science Breadth subjects you could take within these courses:
(From 2021, Bachelor of Fine Arts students will also be able to study science as Breadth):

Arts as Breadth

Art as breadth

Education as Breadth

Fine Arts and Music as Breadth

Fine Arts and Music as Breadth

Law as Breadth

Science as Breadth

Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences as Breadth

FVAS Breadth