Information regarding assignment extensions and exam viewing appointments.

Assignment Submission

The majority of assignments for subjects offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics will be submitted online through the LMS subject page.

Assignment Extensions

When should you apply directly to the faculty for an Extension?

You can apply for an extension prior to the original due date of an assignment if you are experiencing circumstances that are beyond your control. The maximum you can receive through this process is 10 working days.

Please note: Extensions are not possible for exams, online tests, quizzes or Mid Semester Tests. Please apply for Special Consideration for these type of assessments.

You will need to provide sufficient supporting documentation to shows how your circumstances have been impacted such as a health professional letter in the case of illness, academic adjustment plan or a Statutory declaration. All Documentation must be submitted with your application and must be in English.

Work commitments, personal travel and having multiple assignments due are not grounds for an extension.

You can submit a Faculty Extension request using the Submit Application link below.

Submit Application

When should you apply for Special Consideration?

You should submit a special consideration application for an assignment extension if it is passed the due date of the assessment or you require more than 10 working days or if the assessment does not permit extensions (check your subject guide). You will need to provide supporting documentation. Please note, a Statuary Declaration is on its own is not sufficient evidence. They will only be accepted in relation to bereavement applications, which also should include a death/funeral notice.

What if the assessment is a group assignment?

It is important that you maintain communication with your group and let them know of your circumstances. Don’t leave it until the last minute to let them know. The same rules apply for group assignments as individual assessments so check if you should be applying for a Faculty Extension or Special Consideration. Often an extension will apply to the whole group so make sure you let them know when you receive your outcome.

What about take-home exams?

You will need to apply through the Special Consideration system for take home exams. Depending on the subject, you may receive an extension or be granted a special exam.

When will I get my outcome?

The length of the extension you will receive will be based on the supporting documentation you provide. For example, if you have a medical certificate that is for 3 days prior to the due date, you will receive 3 days extension from the due date. Because outcomes can take up to 5 working days, it is possible to receive a retrospective extension which means your due date will be in the past. We strongly suggest that you keep working on the assessment and submit it as soon as possible.

Exam Viewing Appointments

Appointments will take place after the official release date of 2 December 2022.  Subjects and dates will be listed under the Book an Appointment button during the first week of December.

Do not email the Faculty or your subject coordinator requesting an appointment prior to this time.

Exam Viewing Appointments for 2022 Semester 2

Exam viewing appointments are a chance for you to have a look at your exam paper and view the marks you have received for each question.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • An exam viewing appointment is an opportunity to discuss your exam, not to request a remarking of your paper or to request additional marks. It is an opportunity for feedback only.
  • Please do not book more than one appointment per subject. Students found with duplicate appointments will have one appointment cancelled.
  • All Appointments will be 10 minutes with one student per appointment.
  • Students that are sitting a Supplementary or Special Exam are not permitted to view their original exam.
  • You must present your Student ID card at your appointment.
  • You will be emailed the Zoom meeting password r the morning of your appointment. When you enter the Zoom appointment, you will be in a Waiting Room. You will wait there until the Academic commences your appointment.
  • Appointment times are in Australian Eastern Standard time. Please make allowence for time zones if you are currently overseas.

If your subject is not listed below you will need to contact the Subject Coordinator directly to organise an appointment.

All appointments are closed (no bookings can be made) 12 hours prior to the date of the appointment.

Appointments can be made via the Student Booking System button below. Do not attempt to book more than one appointment per subject.

If you are unable to book an appointment, please email  Please include your student ID and the subject you are trying to book. Please note, only subjects listed below have appointments available. Do not email if the subject is not listed.

If you are unsure if your appointment has been booked and you do not receive a confirmation email, please do not attempt to rebook. Email with your student ID and the subject and we will confirm if your booking was successful.

Book an appointment

SubjectTeaching StaffDate
ACCT10002 Introductory Financial AccountingDemi Wang
ACCT20002 Intermediate Financial AccountingLike Jiang
ACTL20003 Stochastic Techniques in InsuranceShuanming Li
ACTL20004 Topics in Actuarial StudiesGuo Liu
ACTL30006 Intermediate Financial MathematicsHan Li12-Dec-22
BUSA20001 Visualisation and Data WranglingDerick Lyle
ECOM20001 Econometrics 1Richard HAYES
ECOM30002 Econometrics 2Kevin Staub
ECON10003 Introductory MacroeconomicsCameron Low
ECON10004 Introductory MicroeconomicsChin Quek
ECON10005 Quantitative Methods 1Chris Selman
ECON20001 Intermediate MacroeconomicsYusuf Mercan
ECON20003 Quantitative Methods 2Laszlo Konya
ECON20005 Competition and StrategyNisvan Erkal
ECON30009 MacroeconomicsJames Hansen
ECON30011 Environmental EconomicsVeronika Nemes
ECON30022 Experimental EconomicsAaron Kamm
ECON40013 Monetary EconomicsJames Hansen14-Dec-22
MGMT10002 Principles of ManagementSascha Rixon5-Dec-22
MGMT20005 Business Decision AnalysisZahra HosseiniFard23-Jan-23
MGMT30011 Managing Supply Chain NetworksGeorge Panas
MKTG10001 Principles of MarketingAndrew Zur5-Dec-22
MKTG20004 Market and Business ResearchJill Lei19-Dec-22
MKTG30009 Digital MarketingBrent Coker3-Jan-23
MKTG30009 Digital MarketingIsaac Nelapana
MKTG30010 Advertising and PromotionsDanielle  Chmielewski-Raimondo3-Mar-23