The Ultimate Guide to Global Management Consulting

By Amy Lui

Hear from Amy Lui about what it was like taking Global Management Consulting.

The 2020 Global Management Consulting subject offered me the opportunity to complete a cross-cultural project remotely over my summer break. This hands-on project gave me a jump-start into professional workplace culture, as well as a taste of management consulting.

My team’s project involved conceptualising strategies for a consumer product. We worked on product launch and marketing plans for the Australian market and the international export market. We produced a brand style guide, presentation deck and a final report.

Amy Lui
Amy Lui

In view of completing this project efficiently and effectively, my team believed that teamwork and clear communication was essential in setting goals, managing our expectations and assigning responsibilities using a shared Google Drive folder. My team members were based around the Asia Pacific region - in Melbourne, Singapore, and Indonesia, whilst I was in Hong Kong. We decided on using three channels to help us with communicating remotely: Messenger group chat was our primary means of communication for immediate messages; we used e-mail to communicate with our client and academic supervisor; and we uploaded our progress and evaluated content using Google Drive.

Although it was challenging to conduct research and synthesise findings from incomplete and unstructured information, I was determined to leverage the ambiguity and turn this into an opportunity. Having a positive mindset is key for solving problems. My team initiated at least two meetings with our academic supervisor, and set up regular client meetings and updates. We had daily Zoom check-ins, where we could resolve issues swiftly and proactively take action. Through regular and consistent evaluations, we grew in confidence at addressing challenges and came up with practical and innovative ideas.

Completing my project outside a physical office helped me understand the ‘remote workplace’ and prepared me for a flexible working environment. The remote arrangement encouraged me to adapt to new methods of collaborating and disseminating information efficiently. My team consisted of diverse cultural backgrounds and we considered each member’s perspectives when fleshing out ideas. We met regularly and practiced active listening. When working with clients, we took care to frame our questions and identified their specific needs. My team learned to provide clients with compelling, succinct and clear ideas.

My experience in Global Management Consulting was rewarding, thought-provoking and hands-on. I had to apply classroom theories to a real-life scenario, and craft a feasible solution. Being part of a student consulting project tested and strengthened my leadership skills, problem-solving capabilities and resilience. Over the summer, my team overcame numerous uncertainties, and became more articulate individuals. The subject was a great way for me to challenge and improve myself, and to gain transferable skills for my future career.

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