The Melbourne Business Practicum with Anna Wu

Anna Wu is in her final semester of her Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) degree. In July 2017, she completed the Melbourne Business Practicum (MBP) at the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) and the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB). She is now a graduate intern at AUASB, coordinating and assisting in several projects.

Anna Wu (second to the right)

Why did you apply for the MBP and what did you hope to get out of the experience?

I chose to participate in this project because I wanted industry experience and the opportunity to build my professional network. I hoped to have more practical insights in accounting and auditing, and be more job-ready. You never know what’s in the field unless you set your foot in it!

How has the MBP benefited you?

The two greatest benefits were making professional connections and the opportunity to work on a real project. I am really grateful for the exposure to the work environment and the career opportunity.

Describe your experience working with your team during the two weeks at AASB/AUASB

I enjoyed working with fellow students as a team to plan, execute and complete a project. We conducted several internal interviews with AASB/AUASB staff and found our interactions with different individuals interesting. I enjoyed working with my peer students and having constructive discussions on different issues; we ended up being a great team. We also gained constructive feedback which helped us improve our project management skills.

My team upgraded AASB/AUASB’s stakeholder management system by updating their data and rolling out an implementation process. This also included a change management plan for the organisation.

What recommendations do you have for students considering the MBP?

  1. Take this subject; you won’t regret it!
  2. Talk to new people because that’s how to get the most out of the MBP.
  3. Challenge yourself and always be ready for a new task.

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