Q&A with Serafina Fong

BCom graduate Serafina Fong is completing the Master of Finance. She was the Melbourne Business Practicum (MBP) prize winner in February 2018. Along with three other students, she was assigned to work at ShineWing Australia.

The entire experience was so wonderful... I strongly recommend the subject to fellow students!

Lunch walks were our way of bonding and taking a mid-day break. We came across Melbourne-themed graffiti along Gallaghers Place just outside the ShineWing office building and could not resist a photo! L-R: Joy Wang, Serafina Fong and Joyce Min.

Why did you apply for the Melbourne Business Practicum?

I will be looking to enter the workforce soon. I knew that having the opportunity to gain valuable work experience would provide me a pathway to understanding the workings and complexities of real business problems, and enrich my studies at Melbourne Business School.

My team

Group assignments can sometimes be iffy, especially when you can’t choose your teammates. In this case, however, the four of us in the ShineWing team worked perfectly together and became great friends. This was the best group-work experience I have had at university. My team members were highly driven and capable – it was great being able to work with like-minded peers who were all motivated to make the most out of the experience. We were serious and productive when it came to work, and had fun after clocking off and during the weekends. We still keep in touch and get together even now!

Final presentation to the host company

The days leading up to the final presentation were slightly nerve-racking as we were presenting to senior management and ShineWing partners. Because my team was organised and worked efficiently, we were well-prepared. Our client was pleased with the work that we presented and the attendees asked many interesting questions, which showed their engagement. After the presentation, we were provided with thoughtful feedback to help us improve our final report.


I am especially grateful for the dedication that Matthew Schofield (Partner and main contact at ShineWing) had towards our program. He shared his experiences and allowed us to talk through our ideas. This helped us form a report which combined our research with his specialist knowledge. Our supervisor Sharon Soltys, was experienced and guided my team. She provided us with helpful feedback and kept the team on track, so we stuck to the project scope and worked well with our client.

Advice for students

Day of final presentation at the ShineWing office (L-R): Arya Lajevardi, Serafina Fong, Sharon Soltys, Matthew Schofield, Joy Wang and Joyce Min

Doing the MBP has made my summer well-spent! The entire experience was so wonderful – working with a fantastic team and supportive mentors made the subject an unforgettable experience. I strongly recommend the subject to fellow students!

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