One year in Milan via the MIB

By Tessa Shaw

Einan Lom discovered what it meant to live as an Italian in order to enhance and expand his business skills.

After a year in Milan, Italy, Einan Lom, Master of International Business (MIB) student, has left feeling empowered and almost a ‘true’ Italian. Lom was in Milan to complete his dual degree at Milan’s world-renowned Bocconi University as part of his MIB program.

“Don’t drink a cappuccino after 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Italy. You might ask, ‘Why?’ Or you could choose not to understand it, but simply ‘do as the Romans do.’ This, to me, is a perfect representation of the beauty that Italy offers in the everyday life,” he says.

With an open-mind and a burning desire to learn as much as possible in a year, Lom set out to achieve three things during his Milanese sojourn: (1) Enhance his skills by gaining a better understanding on how Italians and Europeans conduct businesses; (2) Become fluent in Italian and proficient in French (language classes are offered as part of the course) and; (3) Establish a network with other Bocconi University students.

When asked why he chose to take on the overseas experience, he replied with confidence, “Throwing myself in the deep end in whatever form, whether it is through travel, exchange, work, or social settings, means that I will always push myself to extend my boundaries.” To Lom, this is crucial in order to succeed on an international platform.

The Dual Degree offered through the Master of International Business (MIB) encourages just such a global perspective, allowing students to discover differences in cultural and business practices while also gaining a second degree from world leading institutions.

For Lom, this opportunity has been unique and invaluable. He tells me why during a trans-pacific interview.

Why was the MIB the right choice for you?

I couldn’t find another International Business program that offered the option for a dual degree. I wanted a program that would bring a global outlook to problems; one that would intertwine both the micro perspective (of people, projects, challenges) and the macro environment of business (such as politics and economics). Melbourne Business School’s MIB provided the platform for this, and is an open forum that encourages students to speak up and challenge ideas. Finally, there is also the element of learning about Asian business cultures – something I feel is paramount to Australian organisations.

Why did you choose to undertake a dual degree?

After travelling extensively throughout my undergraduate studies, I felt I needed to experience Europe in a more in-depth way and expose myself to new and different ways of thinking. I desired a European education, and one that would connect me to a variety of students and business professionals.

What kind of support were you provided with at Bocconi University?

The careers service at Bocconi is superb, particularly in assisting students with locating internships in Milan – something that is a difficult thing to obtain in Italy.

I believe Bocconi has mastered connecting students to industry. 80% of the subjects I studied included a main project culminating in a presentation to the country directors of companies such as Vodafone, Henkel and Gallerie d’Italia. These were incredibly demanding tasks that involved countless hours of group work. The passion of the Italian students I encountered was truly inspiring. I have never worked so hard in my life but there was also a huge joy associated to it; because of the sense of community, it didn’t feel so much like work!

Can you tell me about the best things about studying and living in Milan?

Studying at Bocconi, I have relished the business and student connections I have been able to make. Bocconi is a first-rate university for a reason. The amount of extracurricular activities as well as personal skill development programs they run outside of the class is astounding.

And being in Milan as an international student has been incredible and empowering. Milan is the most metropolitan city in Italy and is ideal for international students with hundreds of things to do both in Milan and outside. The campus is situated about a 20-minute walk from the city centre. I spent many wonderful evenings relaxing by a canal with friends, an aperitivo in hand, and enjoying the calmness. There are always huge numbers of events around the city: Design weeks, Expos, independent gallery openings, wine and food events, to name a few!

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The Dual Degree Program is exclusive to the Master of International Business and enables students to undertake a year of international study while gaining functional expertise in a related business discipline.
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