MBSSA: An organisation for everyone

By Seth Robinson

With 2020 now upon us, we caught up with Rocky Reynaldo, incoming president of the Melbourne Business School Students Association to find out what MBSSA has planned for the year ahead.

Some of the greatest joys of studying at MBS are the diverse community, and the rich student experience that extends beyond the walls of the classroom. The university’s clubs and societies are a huge part of this, and the MBS Students Association (MBSSA) is one of the biggest. Each semester they welcome a new committee who present a full calendar of events and opportunities for MBS students.

President Rocky Reynaldo came to Australia from Indonesia, enrolling at MBS in the Master of International Business. He joined MBSSA in 2019 as Event Manager, before taking on the role of President for the first semester of 2020.

Rocky Reynaldo
MBSSA President, Rocky Reynaldo

“I think a really important part of the student experience is being able to open our eyes and our minds to our surroundings. It’s about stretching your capabilities and competencies, whether that be professional, social, sports or volunteering. At MBSSA we plan with all of those things in mind. That’s why I’m excited to be the President of MBSSA for the semester, I would like to stretch that even more,” says Rocky. “We would like to reach more students, to create more ways they can connect.”

The Master of International Business at Melbourne Business School equips students with the management skills they need to succeed in business around the world, with courses in corporate governance in a global context, strategic management, cross-cultural impacts and marketing in an international space.

Find out more about the Master of International Business, and the full range of MBS programs here.

“I also think the MBSSA Network is important. It’s an opportunity to build connections and friendships with people you’ll see around campus every day. Plus, it’s a huge bonus when it comes to graduating and thinking about potential employers. They’ll look at your whole university experience and how involved you were. They look for evidence that you can collaborate and work as part of a team. It’s about showing you have a great depth of character, as well as good grades. Through previous collaborations with companies in Australia and also MBSSA committee alumni working in different organisations, employers know about MBSSA, they know about the quality of the organisation.”

Students wishing to find out more or join MBSSA can do so here.