Dean Lee
Dean Lee, Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance Major)

By day two in Shanghai it was already clear that this project would exceed my expectations. It would be a challenging experience that would not stay within the confines of a curriculum; and would push me to utilise all the skills, knowledge, and experiences I had.

Uniquely, our team was not only consultants for, but also guests of our client, the Radisson Blu New World Hotel. Tasked with improving the hotel guest experience, the line between work and leisure blurred; as a night out on the Bund could provide ideas for the hotel bar, and relaxing in the pool was an opportunity to conduct observational research and critically analyse our own experiences as guests of the hotel. The project highlighted the importance of immersing yourself in a problem and creating your own experiences in order to get to the heart of how consumers feel, rather than relying on reports and reviews alone.

The scope of the project widened within the first few days, and our initial approach needed to be adjusted to accommodate this. Being able to work adaptably as a team meant being able to pivot focus and change course quickly, whilst at the same time effectively managing stakeholders and their expectations. This is a skill that I had not used before, but which no doubt will become increasingly useful in my future career.

I learnt how much could be gained from working as a team. Dean Lee
GMC Shanghai Team
Team Radisson Blu: Dean Lee, Chunmin (Charlotte) Yao, Samantha Varghese and Edwin Soon.

Coming from a diverse set of disciplines and cultures, we were able to successfully address weaknesses with our respective strengths from within the team. In particular, given that guests of the hotel would be visiting from around the globe, the diversity in our team was key to having a holistic understanding of international customers and their needs.

Finally, I was surprised by how incredibly satisfying it was to know that our recommendations were insightful and tangibly useful. It was illuminating to see how what we learn at University can be applied in a real industry context. To be faced with a problem that affects real people is humbling, and to be given the power to potentially cause real change is daunting, yet thrilling. Global Management Consulting was an invaluable and unforgettable experience that gave me the opportunity, whilst still a student, to take a hands-on look at the global world of business.

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