Global Management Consulting: Bangkok 2017

Biance Strebl
Bianca Strebl, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance Major)

The Global Management Consulting was an invaluable experience for me in terms of both my personal and professional growth.

My experience of working with initially unknown people in a foreign work environment involved moments of frustration and disagreement, but many more moments of excitement and breakthrough. I was fortunate to work as a student consultant for Aziam Burson-Marsteller (ABM). They are an affiliate of Burson-Marsteller (a major player in the global PR industry) and have a rich company history. We were also fortunate that the CEO and Managing Director put in the time and energy to talk to us and enrich us intellectually.

“The CEO & Managing Director put in the time and energy to talk to us Bianca Strebl

My team was given the task to research and recommend a digital toolset that ABM could use in their digital transformation. Since ABM is at the forefront of the digital PR industry in Thailand, they have the opportunity to employ available technology to position themselves quickly and firmly within the digital technology realm by taking advantage of new developments in digital software.

Although I had no previous experience in the public relations sphere and minimal experience with digital media, I realised that the task predominantly involved research and the use of judgement. I felt confident that we could create a solution for ABM’s needs. We found proper delegation of responsibility and a timeline for goal completion to be important objectives for our team..

One of the most fascinating parts of the project was being part of a team and watching the dynamic evolve throughout the course of the project. As we became more comfortable around each other, we were able to communicate and collaborate more effectively. The bonds that were formed over such a short period remain strong, and this has really reinforced my belief that what matters is the work that you do, and the people that you do it with.

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