FOME: Global educators to meet in Melbourne to discuss the future of Management education

Delegates from twelve leading business schools worldwide will converge on the University of Melbourne to explore the key themes of impact, sustainability, innovation and technology and their relationship to transforming the future of management education at the 2022 Future of Management Education (FOME) alliance Annual Conference.

The Conference, to be held 15-18 November, will commence with an address by Sir Ronald Cohen, international philanthropist and social innovator, and Enterprise Professor Rosemary Addis AM, director and strategist for innovation in impact and sustainability.

Professor Nasser Spear, FOME Chair, said conference speakers will address the big challenges confronting us, covering climate change, geopolitical shifts, digital and technological innovations and how they are transforming business models, investments, markets, and accountability”.

“Business Schools and the wider business community have critical roles to play in responding to these and other challenges, and we will explore how an alliance such as FOME can take a decisive role in addressing these challenges and making measurable impact,” said Prof Spear.

Through this meeting of global educators, delegates from member schools will share and discuss impactful, collaborative innovations in management education.

Professor Paul Kofman, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne said: “In the wake of a global need of sustainable business practice, business education needs to reinvent itself. The FOME Alliance is at the vanguard of innovative curriculum design and its technologically enhanced delivery modes.”

The FOME Alliance is a vibrant and evolving partnership of like-minded leading business schools with a shared vision to catalyze digital innovation in business education.

See the 2022 FOME Conference program.