"I was not much of an active student during my bachelor’s degree, but people here really make me want to get involved as much as possible."

Q&A with Nattanit Udomkunakorn

What course are you doing within the Department of Management and Marketing?

Master of Management (Marketing)

What attracted you to this course?

I have some background in entertainment media and marketing communication, but not as much on the business and management side, so I want to explore more in those fields. Unimelb’s reputation and university ranking also played a big part in my decision.

Please share with us a little about your background.

I studied entertainment media, majoring in TV production for my bachelor’s degree and went straight into the entertainment industry. I was an associate producer for a production house, working mainly on documentaries. After almost three years of being an associate producer, I decided to try something new. I applied for a Master of Management (Marketing), a field that I have no experience in. However, I got an opportunity to become a writer and a social media strategist, so I postponed my study a little bit – for a year. One day I got a Global Graduate Merit Scholarship offer from my faculty, and that is when I decided to return to education.

What is your course about and what does it involve?

My course is Master of Management (Marketing). It is a mixture of business management and marketing.

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

My favorite classes are those that challenge me out of my comfort zone: Business Analysis and Decision Making, Managerial Decision Making, and Marketing Research.

These classes really challenge me as most of my background lies in a creative field. Getting good at new skills really makes me happy. For the Marketing Research course, our team was selected to be one of the four groups that got to present to a real client (Kraft Heinz). That was pretty amazing in my book.

Can you share an example of a practical subject or project that you think has helped you be ‘job ready’?

All of the courses mentioned above really helped me in terms of hard skills. While learning these things, I can already imagine myself using the things I learned in my last job as a social media strategist. As a matter of fact, I apply some of the things I learn, descriptive and prescriptive statistics, to my freelance job as a social media manager. Market research also helps me enhance my understanding of the social media audience and be able to provide them with what they are looking for (without being biased of course).

Anything else you would like to mention that you think future students might like to know about the Faculty or University?

I’ve been studying online for a year and, I have to say, there was not a moment I was disappointed even though I was studying online. Everyone was trying to make my experience here as pleasant as possible and I am sure the same thing will apply to campus experience, if not better! I was not much of an active student during my bachelor’s degree, but people here really make me want to get involved as much as possible.