"It doesn’t matter what your interests are, whether you are into sports, gaming, or even tasting cheese, there is always a club for you at the uni."

Q&A with Jinqiu Wu

What course are you doing within the Department of Management and Marketing?

I am doing the Master of Digital Marketing, which is a completely new degree that the university offers, so I am one of the first students to experience this program!

What attracted you to this course?

I also majored in marketing in my bachelor’s degree, so when I heard about this new course in digital marketing, I was so excited and naturally drawn to it. In my undergraduate degree I really enjoyed learning stuff about social media and influencers, but since doing this course I found out that digital marketing is so much more than that.

Please share with us a little about your background.

I come from a typical Chinese family and grew up in Beijing. When I was in middle school, I came to Australia on a summer camp. During my visit here I quickly fell in love with the beautiful land and the diversified culture, which made me decide to go to school here.

What is your course about and what does it involve?

Digital marketing involves a lot of things, from collecting data for analysis, all the way to creating content for the right audience. This course teaches you how to do business in the digital era end-to-end.

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

It has definitely been getting to know different professors and making friends with my peers. In this course we have a relatively small class, so I got to connect with my professors on a personal level, and they have been tremendously helpful with any questions I have had related to my study and my career. I also made close friends with my classmates, as during the group assignments, we tackled different challenges and overcame them together. We have formed a strong bond together and I believe the friendships made here will be lifelong and carry with me when I go to work.

Can you share an example of a practical subject or project that you think has helped you be "job ready"?

In the Marketing Research subject, we conducted a real-life research project with a global company; my team and I wrote a 70-page report and presented our findings to the client. In this project not only did we carry out a literature review using existing databases, but also collected data ourselves interviewing and surveying people, and developed strategies for the company based on the results of our statistical analysis. I think that the statistical skills I learned in this subject are very relevant for the job market, and the interpersonal and leadership skills I gained from working in a team are also valued by current employers.

What will be some of your favourite memories of your time with us?

My favourite memories are going to campus in the morning and enjoying the free breakfast at Union House, grabbing a bite at the Farmers Market for lunch, and studying in the student lounge at The Spot building with a beautiful view.

Any funny stories/memories you would like to share?

When I first came to Australia, I mistook Vegemite for Nutella and put plenty on my toast!

Anything else you would like to mention that you think future students might like to know about the Faculty or University?

It doesn’t matter what your interests are, whether you are into sports, gaming, or even tasting cheese, there is always a club for you at the uni. My advice is to also join a club that is specific to your course or major, where you can build your own professional network and connections, which can be very valuable to you career-wise.