Sessional Lecturers

Sessional Lecturers -  Semester 2 & Winter Term 2019Subjects
Andrew Zur
MKTG10001 Principles of Marketing
MGMT20011 Business Negotiations
Aphrodite VlahosMKTG90008 Consumer Behaviour
Dr Belinda AllenPADM90002 Managing Effectively
Bernadette Van Lunenburg
MGMT10002 Principles of Management
MKTG90004 Marketing Management
Emma Power
MGMT90010 Strategic Human Resources
MGMT90227 Entrepreneurial Organisation Foundations
Feilian WangMGMT90038 Global Corporate Governance
Dr Hafizul Islam
MKTG20004 Market and Business Research
MKTG90011 Marketing Research
MKTG90026 Marketing Metrics
Jackson Yuen
MGMT90141 Business Analysis and Decision Making
MGMT10002 Principles of Management
Dr Jodi YorkMGMT90165 Social Entrepreneurship
Dr Karthyeni SridaranMGMT90140 Management Competencies
Katelyn Sharratt
BUSA90518 Business & Economics Internship
MGMT90227 Entrepreneurial Organisation Foundations
Kris YoungMGMT90176 People and Capability
Dr Kristijian MirkovskiMGMT90120 Supply Chain Technologies
Kwan Eng Wee MGMT90119 Foundations of Supply Management
Lily JamesMGMT30004 International Human Resource Management
Luckshie HaranMGMT90148 Consulting Fundamentals
Dr Marianne Gloet
ENGM90014 The World of Engineering Management
MGMT90032 Operations & Process Management
MGMT90148 Consulting Fundamentals
Martin NallyMKTG90032 Applied Syndicate Project
Mike BrookeMKTG90037 Managing for Value Creation
Misagh AlidostMGMT90141 Business Analysis and Decision Making
Nicole Ye YangMKTG90005 Marketing Strategy
Dr Nuzhat Lotia
MGMT30018 Business Communication
MGMT90140 Management Competencies
Ozlem OzkokMKTG20007 Entrepreneurial Marketing
Pao FrancoMKTG90008 Consumer Behaviour
A/Prof Pat Foley
ENGM90013 Strategy Execution for Engineers
MGMT90177 Supply Chain Management Project
MGMT90175 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project
Paul FallonIBUS30003 Managing Conflict in Global Workplaces
Paul Wiseman
MGMT30012 Management Consulting
MGMT30017 Global Management Consulting (November) Chile
Dr Phil HarrisMKTG30008 Neuromarketing
Rohan VenkatramanIBUS90004 Cross Cultural Management and Teamwork
Dr Ruby Ranjan
IBUS20002 Business in the Global Economy
IBUS90003 Issues in Managing the Multinational
Scott TetleyMKTG90009 Advertising
Shala Ahmed MKTG20008 Strategic Marketing
Snehanjali ChrispalIBUS90002 Asian Business and Management
Sumaiya AhmedMKTG90026 Marketing Metrics
Dr Tanvir AhmedMKTG90012 International Marketing Management