MHRMU Members


Associate Professor Michelle Brown (BCom (Hons) Melb, MA, PhD Wisc)
Reward systems especially performance based pay systems; compensation and business strategy; role of unions in pay scheme design and operation; employee pay system preferences.


Dr Adam Barsky (BS Wisc, MS PhD Tulane)
Social issues in management; business ethics; workplace fairness; occupational stress; cognitive and evolutionary organisational processes; research methodology.

Associate Professor Christina Cregan (BA Leeds, DipEd Oxford, MSc, PhD LSE)
Young people in the workplace; textile industry outworkers; employment systems; trade union membership and organising strategies; employee participation.

Associate Professor Bill Harley (BA (Hons), PhD U.Qld)
Industrial relations; human resource management; work organisation; high performance work systems; teamwork; precarious employment; trade unions.

Professor Graham Sewell (BSc (Hons), PhD Wales)
Teamwork and new forms of work organisation; surveillance and performance monitoring in organisations; identity in the workplace; technology management; organisation theory and social theory; history of management thought.

Associate Professor Ying Zhu (BEc Peking, PhD Melb)
Human resource management; international human resource management; international business management; economic development in Asia; political economy of globalisation.