2017 Foenander Lecture

Migrant Workers, Gig Workers, and the role of Competition Law in Labour Markets

Presented by Professor Allan Fels AO

  • Chair, Migrant Workers Taskforce (Australian Government)
  • Member, Uber Global Advisory Board
  • Former Chair, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

About the lecture

In recent times, much media attention has been given to the exploitation of workers, especially migrant workers, in Australia.  This lecture focuses on three topics:

First, the lecture will identify the extent and implications of the underpayment of migrant workers in the Australian labour market.

Second, more briefly the lecture will deal with aspects of gig work.  Gig workers are those in temporary positions and short term contracts.  The lecture will examine the rise of gig work and the implications for workers and organisations.

Third, there will be a brief examination of whether competition law should apply to labour markets, especially with respect to secondary boycotts.

Watch lecture video

Read lecture review by Dr Josh Healy, an expert in employment relations and Dr Andi Pekarek, Lecturer in Management