Leo Liu | Master of Management (Marketing)

Leo was drawn to the University of Melbourne for its strong reputation, practical learning and industry connections, but it was the city of Melbourne and the lifestyle it offered that sealed the deal.

When Leo – an international student from Taiwan – started his search for the perfect graduate program, he knew he was choosing more than just a university: he was also choosing his future home. “It was essential to consider the safety and livability of the location where I would be studying,” he said. “Melbourne's status as one of the most livable cities in the world, with a stable environment, excellent healthcare, cultural diversity, and world-class infrastructure reassured me that I made the right choice. The city's welcoming community and inclusive culture have also been important factors in my decision to choose the University of Melbourne.”

Another key factor for Leo was the amount of work experience opportunities on offer. “Through my coursework, I gained a deep understanding of marketing principles, consumer behavior, and digital marketing channels. Furthermore, the practical experience I gained through internships and practicum subjects allowed me to apply these concepts in real-world settings. One of the key benefits of my degree program was the support I received from the University in terms of interview practice and resume building assistance. This has given me the confidence and tools to effectively showcase my skills and experience to potential employers.”

Leo Liu, Master of Management (Marketing)

After perfecting his interview skills with the help of University career support services, Leo was able to secure an internship through the Students@Work program. “This experience enabled me to broaden my network, apply what I learned in class, and connect with professionals from different industries,” he said. Leo also gained work experience through the Business Practicum subject. “For my Business Practicum, I assisted a local property group in developing their recruitment strategy and employer brand,” he explained. “This project provided me with an opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained from different courses, such as the situation analysis we learned in Marketing Management and the interview skills we learned in Marketing Research. As an international student, it was also a perfect chance for me to learn about the working culture and manner in Australia. Moreover, it provided me with an opportunity to network with industry experts, which I believe will be beneficial for my future career in Australia.”

Leo planned to pursue a career in one of two possible fields. “I am currently focused on exploring opportunities in marketing research or digital marketing. I believe that both of these areas offer exciting and dynamic career paths, with opportunities to work on innovative projects and make a meaningful impact on businesses and consumers.”

For soon-to-be graduate students trying to decide where to study, Leo had plenty of practical advice to offer. “First and foremost, do your research,” he emphasised. “Attend online seminars and information sessions to learn more about the program and the university and to ask any questions you may have. This will help you get a better understanding of whether the program is a good fit for your academic and professional goals. Additionally, it is important to consider not just the academic aspects of the program, but also what opportunities the university can offer to enhance your learning experience. For example, look into internship programs and other experiential learning opportunities that can provide practical experience and help you build connections in your field.”

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