Corporate Partnerships

We have successfully partnered with organisations to address challenges and meet goals through specialised training programs.

Belong Leadership Academy Program

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Against the backdrop of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Belong chose to invest in developing their People Leaders, recognising the importance of enabling its talent to help shape and embolden the award-winning telecommunications provider's future business strategy.

Our people are craving for learning and development opportunities ... this format was ideal for us and Melbourne uni was a perfect partner for us - quote by Jana Kotatko CEO Belong

Unilever Indonesia Training Academy

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Unilever is world-famous for its graduate training program. In many countries, competition for places is intense. But in 2019, Unilever executives in Indonesia wanted to augment the program for incoming graduates.

The University of Melbourne demonstrated an incredible level of commitment to this partnership and our training needs. They tailored the program to meet the exact needs of Unilever Indonesia - quote by illy Saelan, VP for HR Unilever Indonesia

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