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Our Business Development team is here to answer your questions, connect you with our experts, and explore ideas for how we could partner together.

Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo

FBE Associate Dean (Engagement)

Associate Professor Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo

Matthew leads the Faculty's executive education programme, covering both the B2B and B2C audiences. He has extensive experience in research communication and translation built on more than a decade of work at the frontier of economic research in Europe and Australia.

Business Development Team

Jane McAlear

Jane McAlear, Senior Business Development Manager

Jane McAlear has been leading industry engagement within the University of Melbourne for five-years. With a background in public relation and business communication, Jane’s role is to support organisations executive education training through the offering of customised courses, micro-credentials, accredited and non-accredited courses.


Jennifer Sutton

Jennifer Sutton, Business Development Director

Jennifer is Business Development Director for Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE). Jennifer is responsible for ensuring the University's professional development short, online and accredited courses meet external organisational needs. Jennifer’s background ranges across government, science, business management, climate change research, manufacturing and executive education.


Subject Specialists

Introducing one of the world-class experts that deliver our learning opportunities.

Simon Bell

Simon Bell

Professor Simon Bell is Head of School of MSPACE, the University of Melbourne’s School of Professional and Continuing Education. MSPACE aims to become a global leader in industry-focused educational offerings tailored to meet the needs of individuals and organisations and accessible through different modes of delivery, including face-to-face, online and intensive programs.

Simon is also a professor of marketing in the Faculty of Business & Economics. He studies how firms can become a more effective organisations by engaging with customers more meaningfully. He focuses on how frontline employees interact with customers to create value for the customer, the firm, and themselves. He also studies how regional clusters can sustain performance of individual firms and create conditions for innovation. Behind all his research is the idea that by recasting how firms connect with others, whether that is their customers, staff, or other firms, they can improve their performance.

Simon has worked extensively with industry in a research, consulting, and executive education capacity. He has worked with organisations locally and abroad including PWC, Honda, Ailo,, Unilever, Agricultural Bank of China, and IBM. He has also delivered executive education courses for Cambridge University and Duke Corporate Education.

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