Business Internships

How do I benefit?
  • Connect with the next generation of global business leaders
  • Build your graduate recruitment pipeline
  • Enhance your team's productivity and professional development
  • Bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to your team
  • No recruitment fees

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Our Story

We partner with a range of organisations to facilitate the provision of internships for our leading business students in disciplines such as Accounting, Economics, Actuarial Studies, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Management, and Marketing. Our students have well-developed problem-solving, teamwork, technological, and communication skills, with many speaking more than one language. We offer you the opportunity to advertise paid internships at any time to our students. For-credit internships (unpaid or paid) can be offered to our students through our internship subjects - Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Masters, which run each teaching period and is subject to a short approval process.

How does it work?

We will consult with you in developing your internship opportunities and can advise on timelines, fit, and how best to reach your talent acquisition goals. Whether it’s increasing diversity or seeking hard-to-find skill sets, our team has a wealth of industry experience to develop the best solutions.

For our internship subject, if the opportunity is unpaid, we will cover all relevant insurances and provide a shortlist of suitable applicants. For the internship to meet our learning requirements, you must provide appropriate supervision and a suitable learning environment for our students, and the internship must be at least 90 hours.

This sounds great. What’s next?

If you are keen to get started right away you can download the internship request form/schedule, complete all the details, and send it to us before the deadlines outlined below. From there we will reach out to you to confirm receipt, clarify any information, and seek to have the opportunity approved by our Academic team.

Once approved, the opportunity will be promoted to our eligible student cohort as per the outlined times below. We will keep you up to date along the way!

You are welcome to reach out to discuss the opportunity first via

Upcoming semester dates and deadlines are as follows:

  Semester 2
Semester 1
Deadline to provide internship opportunities to enable University  advertising4 April 2023 1 Sept 2023 17 November 2023
Interview period10 May 2023 to 26 May 2023 5 Oct 2023 to
26 Oct 2023
23 Jan 2024 to
9 Feb 2024
Internship Placement (teaching period)26 July 2023 to
20 Oct 2023
27 Nov 2023 to
23 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 to
24 May 2024
Partnering with the University of Melbourne has given ShineWing access to China’s elite overseas students studying Business and Economics at Australia’s No. 1 ranked University. Matthew Schofield, Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services, ShineWing Australia
Dharaa Chandrasekaran (middle) with SJS Strategy Directors & Co-founders: Synth Senthi (left) and Sander Van Amelsvoort (right)

"Thanks to my internship with SJS Strategy, I developed both my technical and soft skills. The experience helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses, and see where my skills might take me in the workplace."

- Dharaa Chandrasekaran, Master of Management

Read about Dharaa's experience at SJS Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are we able to visit the university campus and provide more information to students?

    We provide a range of other ways to connect with our students through various marketing and social media channels. We can also provide and promote virtual platforms such as webinars, depending on the context. On-campus visits are not always the most effective and efficient way to promote opportunities.

    Some other ways you can engage with students and promote your brand include Case Competitions, Speaker Opportunities and Employability Workshops and Career Mentoring.

    If you’re unsure what might be right for you, speak to one of our expert team members via

  • Is it possible to only connect with domestic or international students?

    To ensure fairness and equity, engagement opportunities are for all students. We do not exclude any student groups from accessing these programs. We understand that employment opportunities may require certain work rights for students to be eligible. We can identify the target audience in communications, but we will not exclude students. Find out more.

  • Do internships need to be paid? What about insurance?

    The Fair Work Act requires that students are paid at least the minimum wage for work experience undertaken within organisations, unless the work is undertaken as a vocational placement or is classified as voluntary work.

    For a placement to meet the requirements of a 'vocational placement', it must be undertaken as part of a subject or a course. Alternatively, it should be classified as voluntary work. The consequences of an unpaid placement falling outside these exemptions under the Act is that the student is deemed to be an employee and is legally entitled to at least the minimum wage.

    We do offer our master's internship subject, each Semester, that meets the requirements of a vocational placement.

    The University of Melbourne has Guidelines for Professional Placements which assist in determining the type of professional placements that can be offered or facilitated by the University.

    The Fair Work Ombudsman has information on internships, vocational placements and unpaid work.

    What internships can be advertised?

    • Paid internships that meet the Fair Work Act requirements or the country of employment requirements (see below). These will be reviewed and approved at the discretion of the University and in line with our terms and conditions.
    • Unpaid internship opportunities that are a requirement of a student's course or subject or is classified as voluntary work in a registered not-for-profit organisation.
    • We will work with you to ensure any unpaid internships meet the appropriate criteria and standards to ensure alignment with the Fair Work Act.


    The University’s insurance program covers enrolled students undertaking University of Melbourne (unpaid) course accredited and approved work experience, placements and internships.

    The University must be connected to the proposed activity by either:

    • A compulsory course requirement or;
    • in accordance with a specific vocational placement agreement or contract.

    Therefore, through our masters internship subject, insurance will be covered by the University.

  • My organisation is not based in Australia. Can you still help?

    Yes. As a part of the University’s effort to prepare our students as global citizens, we encourage students to connect and engage with industry both domestically and internationally. We also promote opportunities based overseas.

  • Do you offer shortlisting or end-to-end recruitment services?

    Every day we partner with employers to help them recruit interns from our talented cohort.

    • If the internship qualifies as part of our internship subject we will coordinate the promotion of the opportunity, directly targeting students who are keen to undertake an internship as part of their university studies. At the conclusion of the advertising period, we will provide a list of suitable applications that you can select from to interview.
    • If the internship does not qualify as part of the internship subject we will assist you in the promotion of the opportunity via our job boards, newsletters and social media platforms. The students will apply directly to you/your organisation.
  • Who are the students?

    Internships can be offered as part of our for-credit subject (paid or unpaid) and students include high-achieving early-career Bachelor of Commerce and specialist Masters students studying in the business fields of Accounting, Econometrics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Management and Marketing.

    For our internship subject (paid or unpaid), students from the following courses can apply:

    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Master of Management
    • Master of Management (Specialising in Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Finance)
    • Master of Finance
    • Master of International Business
    • Master of Actuarial Science
    • Master of Applied Econometrics
    • Master of Economics
    • Master of Enterprise
    • Master of Supply Chain Management