Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop

Annual workshop presented by an international Bayesian expert alongside a team of local presenters. This event is open to anyone interested in Bayesian Econometrics and is followed by a masterclass.

The BAM RG organizes an annual Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop. Past editions in years from 2013 to 2016 included presentations by such keynote speakers as Professors Siddhartha Chib, John Maheu, David Nott, Dale Poirer, Mattias Villani, and Jun Yu as well as by Australian-based researchers.

Edition 2017

The BAM RG together with the Rimini Center for Economic Analysis (RCEA) organises the 11th Annual RCEA Bayesian Econometric Workshop.

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Past editions

  • 2016

    Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop 2016

    Keynote speakers: Professor David Nott and Professor Mattias Villani

    List of presenters: Joshua Chan (Australian National University), Arnaud Dufrays (University of Laval), Reza Hajargasht (University of Melbourne), Mohamad Khaled (University of Queensland), Bing Li (Tsinghua University), Rubén Loaiza-Maya (University of Melbourne), Ole Maneesoonthorn (University of Melbourne), David Nott (National University of Singapore), Mattias Villani (Linköping University)

  • 2015 Summer

    Bayesian Analysis and Modeling Summer Workshop 2015

    Co-organized with Dr Francesco Ravazzolo

    List of presenters: Eric Eisenstadt (University of Queensland), Robert Kohn (University of New South Wales), Roberto Leon-Gonzalez (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo), Gael Martin (Monash University), Rémi Piatek (University of Copenhagen), Francesco Ravazzolo (Norges Bank and BI Norwegian Business School), Rodney Strachan (University of Queensland), Leif Anders Thorsrud (BI Norwegian Business School)

  • 2015

    Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop 2015

    Keynote speakers: Professor John Maheu and Professor Jun Yu

    List of presenters: Peter Exterkate (University of Sydney), Richard Gerlach (University of Sydney), Patrick Leung (Monash University), John Maheu (McMaster University), Valentyn Panchenko (University of New South Wales), Kelly Trinh (University of Queensland), Qiao Yang (University of Toronto), Jun Yu (Singapore Management University)

  • 2014

    Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop 2014

    Keynote speaker: Professor Siddhartha Chib

    List of presenters: Joshua Chan (Australian National University), Siddhartha Chib (Washington University in St. Louis), Gael Martin (Monash University), Michael Smith (Melbourne Business School), Sarantis Tsiaplias (Melbourne Institute), Tomasz Woźniak (University of Melbourne), Xibin Zhang (Monash University)

  • 2013

    Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop 2013

    Keynote speaker: Professor Dale Poirier

    List of presenters: Joshua Chan (Australian National University), Boris Choy (University of Sydney), Catherine Forbes (Monash University), Reza Hajargasht (University of Melbourne), Liana Jacobi (University of Melbourne), Anastasios Panagiotelis (Monash University), Dale Poirier (University of California Irvine), Michael Smith (University of Melbourne), Yong Song (UTS Business School)

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