Seminar Room 605, Level 6 FBE Building , 111 Barry Street



Prof. Michael Smith

Open to the public, registration is essential

Keynote speaker: Professor Siddhartha Chib

Department of Economics and Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research at the University of Melbourne are hosting a one day Bayesian econometrics workshop on Thursday 5th of June 2014. The keynote speaker is Professor Siddhartha Chib. The workshop is open to anyone interested in Bayesian Econometrics.

Workshop program

Workshop flyer

The workshop is complemented by a masterclass by Professor Siddhartha Chib in Bayesian Causal Inference that will take place on Friday 6th of June 2014. Read more about the masterclass.


  • Joshua Chan, Australian National University
  • Siddhartha Chib, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Gael Martin, Monash University
  • Michael Smith, Melbourne Business School
  • Sarantis Tsiaplias, Melbourne Institute
  • Tomasz Woźniak, University of Melbourne
  • Xibin Zhang, Monash University

Michael Chua
Reza Hajargasht
Liana Jacobi
Yong Song
Tomasz Woźniak

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