About Us

The Bayesian Analysis and Modeling Research Group (BAM RG) aims to support and enhance research opportunities for its members through a range of activities and provide a forum for advanced training.

Bayesian methods and modeling are rapidly emerging as crucial tools across several economics and business disciplines. The development of Bayesian statistical techniques, together with progress in computing technology, have opened the possibility of estimating interesting and complex models when alternative
methods cannot be used. Therefore, Bayesian methods are rapidly being adopted by researchers and practitioners in economics, finance, marketing and elsewhere. Bayesian analysis has made significant contributions to empirical macroeconomics, finance, choice-modeling, marketing science, time series analysis,
economic and business forecasting, productivity analysis, nonparametric analysis and other areas.


Its members are experts in their particular fields, and come from several departments, including the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research (MIAESR), Department of Economics and the Melbourne Business School within the Faculty of Business and Economics. The faculty possesses substantial
research interest on Bayesian methods, and collectively, it has published over eighty papers in the area of Bayesian analysis and modeling. The group consists of faculty members at all levels, including several professors and an ARC research fellow.


The BAM RG aims to facilitate and support internationally visible research and training in Bayesian methods and modeling through shared activities.

To support this mission, the group endeavours to achieve the following objectives:

  • to boost and strengthen research activities and collaborations between its members at the Department of Economics, the Melbourne Institute for Applied Economic and Social Research and the Melbourne Business School;
  • to establish the recognition of the Faculty of Business and Economics as a leading academic centre in Bayesian methodology and applications; and,
  • to provide high-quality professional development in data analytics at an executive level.

Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop

Annual workshop presented by an international Bayesian expert alongside a team of local presenters. This event is open to anyone interested in Bayesian Econometrics and is followed by a masterclass.

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The masterclass follows the Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop, where the keynote speaker presents a six hour masterclass on their area of expertise.

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Reading Group

Members will select around six papers each year to be the topic of a reading group.

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