FBE Representation of Women in Academic Positions Action Plan (2023-2026)

Increasing the number of women in academic positions and senior leadership roles in the Faculty is a strategic priority for the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE).

Every person, irrespective of their gender, should have an equal opportunity to achieve their potential. It is a critical part of our vision to “become one of the leading global providers of business and economics education and research”.

To hold our place as one of the leading universities in the world, we must recruit and retain academics who do brilliant, innovative, and inspiring research. We must have teachers who foster inclusion and recognise different perspectives and ways of knowing.

We must also ensure that the Faculty is a diverse, inclusive, and fair place, so that discrimination and harassment cannot thrive and all our staff are treated with respect.

To achieve our vision of gender equity, and to become recognised as the leading Faculty for aspiring women in academia, we must

  • Understand the obstacles and challenges that women face in academia and FBE
  • Recruit, develop, support, and promote more women to senior academic and leadership positions
  • Be the employer of choice for women in business and economics research
  • Ensure we have a workplace where women are valued, rewarded, respected, and welcomed
  • Live up to FBE’s mission as “a society committed to sustainable growth and value creation driven by ethical leadership grounded in rigorous analysis and decision making”.

In this action plan, we present initiatives in the areas of recruitment, support and development, career progression, and leadership for women in the Faculty.

Women in FBE Academic Positions Action Plan 2023-2026 at a glance
Women in FBE Academic Positions Action Plan 2023-2026 initiatives at a glance