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FBE Action Plan for Representation of Women in Academic Positions (2023-2026)

FBE is committed to addressing the under-representation of women in academic positions and achieving parity in gender representation. In this action plan, we present initiatives in the areas of recruitment, support and development, career progression, and leadership for women in the Faculty.

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+1 Podcast

The +1 podcast serves as a platform for discussing and disseminating D&I related research and activities at FBE/MBSL, as well as across the University and in industry. The term "+1" represents our commitment to including new styles, perspectives, and views in our discussions. Through this podcast series, our objective is to establish a stronger community of practice centred on D&I research and excellence at the faculty.

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FBE/MBSL D&I Small Grants Program

FBE/MBSL Joint D&I Committee is pleased to announce a small grants program to support staff and students who are interested in hosting or coordinating events that advance the vision of FBE and MBSL as trusted leaders in diversity and inclusion.

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SSNP: Scheme for Supporting FBE New Parents

Scheme for Supporting FBE New Parents (SSNP) aims to improve the experience of FBE staff who are new parents, and effectively attract and retain FBE staff. SSNP also aims to support gender equality and increase women representation among academics, and enhance a culture of diversity and inclusion at work and beyond.

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Deans' Diversity and Inclusion excellence awards

The Deans’ Diversity and Inclusion Excellence Awards aim to celebrate individuals and groups in the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) and Melbourne Business School (MBS) who evidence exceptional dedication to diversity and inclusion. These awards embody our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and are open to both academic and professional staff.  Award categories include thought Leadership and Intellectual Contribution, Promoting Diversity and Inclusion, and Inclusive Pedagogy.

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Carer's travel support scheme

The Faculty of Business and Economics recognises that access to opportunity is a crucial aspect of setting the environment for research excellence. In step with this, our Carer's Travel Support Scheme seeks to ensure research activities, specifically travel, is accessible for researchers with caring responsibilities.

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Enhanced Gender Balance and Equity Amongst Academics

The joint vision and strategic framework for Enhanced Gender Balance and Equity Amongst Academics launched in 2021, addresses the underrepresentation of female academic staff, in general, and in leadership and decision-making roles, in particular. Other areas of focus are increasing diversity and inclusion in the curriculum and among Bachelor of Commerce students, and initiatives to enhance the wellbeing of staff and students. Creating more gender equity by increasing the representation of women in academic positions, and more broadly across the Faculty in senior leadership roles, is a strategic priority for the Faculty of Business and Economics and is an important part of our diversity agenda.


sheCommerce is an immersive and academic enrichment program delivered by the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics. sheCommerce is for Year 9-12 high school students who identify as women or non-binary and are passionate about leadership and pursuing a career where they can impact change. The program allows students to meet like-minded peers, current Bachelor of Commerce students, alumni and inspiring academics who are making a difference in industry and through their research.

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