COSM is located in the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. Our members are from a range of universities and other walks of life and we have research partnerships with a variety of government bodies and industry organizations.

We study the nature of the market and its relationships with organizations and societies. We foster conversations and encourage debate through collaborative research and public events.

Starting from the assumption that the market is handled differently from one knowledge practice to another, COSM aims to provide a research environment for its members that promotes collaboration in the study of markets across different knowledge practices.

Organizational Structure

COSM is managed by a team of directors. Our core members are located at three partner institutions:

  • The University of Melbourne;
  • Copenhagen Business School; and
  • The University of Cambridge.

Our associate members are located at a variety of international institutions.

Strategic Objectives

Research Engagement

Contribute to a thriving research agenda on markets through academic publications

Student Engagement

Engage with students in thinking about the market through teaching and learning
Provide opportunities to get involved
Provide an international network of academics who are involved
Engage with student associations

Industry engagement

Making the market a matter of concern in public debate and media
Working together on practical challenges posed by the market