Regional students gather for Frontiers in Market Design

The Centre for Market Design has hosted a group of PhD and Master's students from across Australia for the inaugural Hordern Winter School on Frontiers in Market Design and Analysis.

The group of 20 students, selected from across Australia and representing 12 regional and metropolitan universities, are emerging leaders in the market design field and spent three days at the University of Melbourne in mid-July, immersed in modern microeconomics.

The CMD Director, Professor Simon Loertscher, and colleagues Associate Professor David Byrne (CMD Director of Capability Building) and Dr Siqi Pan, welcomed the students for classes, collaboration and conversations to spark ideas and form lasting relationships.

“The students were engaging, and we all benefited greatly from three days of presentations and discussions about theory, practice and fresh perspectives on the specialty of market design,” says Professor Loertscher.

“We thank the Samuel and June Hordern Endowment and the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne for their generous donations to enable us to hold this Winter School, and hopefully many more such endeavours in the future.”