Excellence Awards

The CMD team has been recognised for its exceptional record of delivering public value, with a University of Melbourne Excellence Award.

The CMD has received the University of Melbourne’s Award for Excellence in Engagement – Public Value, which is the second Engagement Award for the CMD since 2017.

Directors Simon Loertscher, David Byrne, Gary Stoneham and Steven Williams accepted the award at the ceremony on 13 November.

The directors were congratulated on their activities to drive social and economic change with robust market design. Complementing a steady record of research published in leading journals, their projects were commended for effecting positive change in the community.

The award specifically recognised three projects:

  1. the disability transport project with governments and the California Institute of Technology, that halved travel times for school students with autism in northern Melbourne;
  2. a partnership with government and Jemena, that created real-time pricing schemes to curb electricity demand to enhance energy grid stability and efficiency;
  3. a partnership with government departments and university peers, to assess the effectiveness of alternative strategies for young offenders.

The CMD thanks University leaders for the value they place in the work the Centre does daily to deliver microeconomic solutions to problems faced in the community.