Masatsugu Asakawa

Masatsugu Asakawa is currently serving as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, and Minister of Finance. Since he joined the MOF in 1981, he has held many senior positions in the Ministry, including Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs(2015-19), Director-General of the International Bureau(2014-15), Deputy Vice Minister for Policy Planning and Co-ordination(2013-14), Senior Deputy Director-General, International Bureau (2012-13), and Executive Assistant to Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Ministry of Finance(2012-13), Deputy Vice Minister for International Affair (2009-12), Director for Co-ordination Division, International Bureau (2007-08), Development Policy Division (2006-07), Foreign Exchange Markets Division (2004-06), International Tax Policy Division, Tax Bureau (2002-04), and Regional Financial Cooperation Division, International Bureau (2000-02). He also served as Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister under the Aso Cabinet (2008-09).

Mr. Asakawa also has extensive experience outside the MOF. He served as Head for Technical Assistance Management Unit, Fiscal Affairs Department at the IMF (1996-2000), and also served as Executive Assistant to the President of Asian Development Bank (1989-1992). Besides, he held several positions at the Committee on Fiscal Affairs, OECD, while serving his positions at the MOF, including Co-Chair for Board for Co-operation with Non-OECD Economies (2002-04), Co-Chair for Forum on Harmful Tax Practices (2002-04), and Chair for Committee on Fiscal Affairs (2011-2016).

He served as Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Economic Science, Saitama University (2006-09), and at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo (2012-15).

He obtained his BA from University of Tokyo (Economics Faculty) in 1981, and MPA from Princeton University, USA in 1985.