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Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Faculty co-ordinates five annual public lecture, presented by influential figures in the fields of Public Policy, Industrial Relations, Economics and Management.

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Corden Lecture Series

The Corden Lecture series is named after Emeritus Professor Max Corden (BCom (Hons) 1950, MCom 1953, DCom 1995); a Professorial Fellow in the Department of Economics and a world leader in the field of international economics.

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Joe Isaac Industrial Relations Symposium

Management and Marketing
The Joe Isaac Symposium was developed jointly by the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne, and Monash Business School, Monash University, to recognise and highlight the outstanding contribution to industrial relations by Professor Emeritus Joe Isaac , AO, FASSA. He was one of Australia’s most distinguished scholars and practitioners in the broad field of workplace relations.

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Downing Lecture Series

Melbourne Institute
Distinguished visiting economists are invited to present at the Downing Lecture for the purpose of promoting analysis and discussion of economic and social research policy. These lectures have been made possible by a generous fellowship that was established by friends and colleagues of the late Professor Richard Downing (BA (Hons) 1936), in memory of his life and work.

Richard Ivan Downing was Ritchie Professor of Research and Economics in the University from 1952 until his death in 1975. Not only did Professor Downing make significant contributions to economic research in this position, he also put much effort into guiding and fostering the research interests of students and staff. For twenty years he edited The Economic Record. He also played a prominent part in founding the now Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. Professor Downing was appointed the Ritchie Professor of Economic Research in 1954.

His contributions to the academic life of the University were not restricted to the Faculty of Business and Economics. He served as assistant Vice-Chancellor from 1969 to 1974 and as Chairman of Ormond College Council. Outside the University, Professor Downing was on the board of a number of bodies concerned with the arts and, from July 1973, was Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

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Finch Lecture Series

The Finch Lecture is named after Dr David Finch (BCom 1944, BA (Hons) 1945, DCom 2002), a distinguished alumnus of the University of Melbourne, and a PhD recipient from the London School of Economics, where his supervisor was Lionel Robbins.

He was appointed to the newly established International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, D.C., where he held the position of Councillor and Director of the Exchange and Trade section of the IMF. Among his many achievements, he led the IMF consultation mission to Britain in 1976. Dr Finch retired in 1987 from his position as Counsellor and Head of the Exchange and Trade Relations Department.

The lecture focuses on the subject of evolving practices and principles and related issues pertaining to international monetary, financial, fiscal and trade integration and cooperation.

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Foenander Lecture Series

Management and Marketing
The Foenander Lecture was established in memory of Dr Orwell D. Foenander (LLB 1914, LLM 1915, DLitt 1949, MCom 1975), a former academic at the University, who was one of the leading figures in industrial relations scholarship in the early 20th century.

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Freebairn Lecture Series

Public Policy
The Freebairn Lecture is named after Professor John Freebairn, Richie Chair in Economics, in recognition of the many significant contributions he has made to Economics and Public Policy.

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Read more about Professor Freebairn's research on the Pursuit website.

Griffin Economic History Public Lecture

The Griffin Economic History Public Lecture is named after Peter Griffin AM an alum of the Faculty (BCom 1963) who has had a long and successful career in the business world, particularly in the investment and banking sectors. In 2008, he was honoured as a Member of the Order of Australia for his service to the Australian community through support for medical research, arts and charitable organisations. Peter is passionate about Economic History and is keen that students leave the University of Melbourne with a good understanding of business and finance, and also a deep awareness of previous mistakes made by governments, industry and the banking sector. The University of Melbourne gratefully acknowledges support for the Griffin Economic History Public Lecture from the Peter Griffin and Terry Swann Foundation.

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University-Wide Public Lectures

In addition to the Faculty's endowed public lectures, the University has an extensive calendar of free lectures with topics spanning all faculties and interests.

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Seminars and Brown Bag Sessions from the Faculty

Browse through list of events for all alumni, staff and students of the Faculty of Business and Economics, or continue to learn from the University's outstanding academics long after graduation by attending brown bag sessions and seminars from the Faculty's departments.

Events from Affiliated Institutions

Two world-class affiliated institutions aimed at fueling entrepreneurship and innovation are also associated with the Faculty. Alumni with an interest in the start-up sector and entrepreneurship may be interested in the masterclasses, forums, exhibits held by these institutions in the heart of Carlton's Innovation District.

The Wade Institute was established in 2015 to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and deliver the University's Master of Entrepreneurship.

Melbourne Connect takes an ecosystem-based approach to innovation, inviting the community to query, test and sample possible solutions to complex problems through Lab-14 and the Melbourne Accelerator Program.

The Wade Institute

Melbourne Connect and the Melbourne Accelerator Program