Women are the Business: Podcast

Women Are The Business links cutting edge research and real life experience to explain the hurdles women face at work and in life. With each episode, we’ll go inside the issues that affect women in the workplace, from Paid Parental Leave to financial independence to the impacts of unpaid work. We’ll leave you with practical ideas for your own life and give you big picture solutions that could change the game for women all over the world.

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Episode 4: "His and Hers" Jobs

Despite huge progress when it comes to equality in the workforce, there is one trend that is proving hard to budge: gender segregation. In this episode, two experts lay out the data on the prevalence of female and male dominated jobs - from education and nursing to computer science and construction.

Does it matter that the labour market is so gender-segregated?

Today's guests are Libby Lyons, Director of Australia's Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), and Dr Victor Sojo, Lecturer in Leadership and Research Fellow at the Centre for Workplace Leadership.

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Episode 3: We Need To Talk About Money

Money shapes our personal and professional lives in dramatic ways, but we're often reluctant to talk about it. On episode three of Women are the Business, we're speaking to two experts about their own experiences with money - the good, the bad and the ugly.

We're digging into the gender pay gap, the problem with Australia's retirement system and the prevalence of financial abuse. Our guests: Corinne Proske (BCom 1993), General Manager of ethical lending platform, Speckle, and Professor Carsten Murawski, Co-Director of the Brain, Mind & Markets Lab.

This episode contains some strong language and discusses domestic violence. If this raises concerns for you or someone you know, there is support available on 1800 Respect or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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Episode 2: Women Should Go on a Chore Strike

Unpaid work underpins our entire economy. We're only able to function because we have clean clothes and packed lunches. But what are the impacts of all this unpaid labour on women's lives?

University of Melbourne research reveals that chores also exist in workplaces - think taking notes in meetings, emptying the dishwasher or planning the office Christmas party - and it's largely women who carry the load.

On episode two of Women are the Business, we're bringing in experts Dr Leah Ruppanner and Dr Maria Recalde to explore the dynamics of unpaid work both at home and in the office, and to find out what we can do to create a little more balance.

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Episode 1: Paid Parental Leave – Who Cares?

Did you know that Australia was the second last developed country to implement a National Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Policy?

In the first episode of Women are the Business, we speak with Jenny Macklin, the longest serving woman in the Australian House of Representatives. She drove the fight for PPL in Australia, finally getting it across the line in 2011. We also hear from Professor Guyonne Kalb, who measured the policy's impact on Australian families. We'll explore how this one piece of policy impacts women's careers - and men's - and why more change might be needed.

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Over 8 Episodes we'll be digging into women's working lives. We'll be exploring what research tells with leading academics, and hearing from alumni who have gone on to become industry leaders. What we really hope, is that we'll get to the root of these problems, and offer some practical solutions you can use in your every day working life.

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