Rules and conditions

University rules and conditions

The conditions relating to using university computing facilities are displayed on the logon screen. Basically you are responsible for your computer account under all circumstances and may only use computing facilities for academic purposes.

University rules

The University takes a serious view of any misuse of University property by staff or students, and will regard any misuse as a breach of University Policy.

Responsibilities of staff and students include proper use of computers and computer software.

University facilities must not be used:

  • where copyright would be infringed (including the use of copies of software and CD-ROM burners to illegally copy data, software and audio CDs);
  • to obtain unauthorized access to systems and data;
  • to send electronic mail for other than legitimate university purposes;
  • to store, transmit or display material which is obscene, offensive, slanderous or illegal;
  • for personal gain.

Rules and conditions in computer labs

  • Only use the computers for work related to your course of study.
  • No food or drink is to be consumed in the laboratory.
  • No reservations are allowed.
  • Bags, books or equipment left at workstations may be treated as lost property.
  • Do not permit another person to have access to your computer account - if you suspect that someone is using your account, change your password.
  • Do not interfere with the equipment.
  • Do not try to fix a problem, get help from the Lab supervisor.
  • Do not hack the systems.
  • Do not run personal software.
  • Mobile telephones must be switched off in the Laboratories.