Open Access Student Computing Spaces

Bouverie Street Facility

233 Bouverie Street
Rooms G05, G07, G08, G14 (Honours Students only), G16.
Opening hours
  • Monday - Sunday: 9.00am-9.30pm
  • Closed on University Holidays


Access to 233 Bouverie Street is via swipe card only.

This facility is available to all Faculty of Business and Economics students. There are 215 machines at this facility with printing services.

The Spot Facility

Level 4, 198 Berkeley St
Room 04.018
Opening hours
  • Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 11.00pm
  • Weekends: 8.00am - 6.30pm
  • Closed on University Holidays


This facility is available to Faculty of Business and Economics postgraduate students only. There are 90 machines at this facility with printing services.

FBE Research Database Facility

Upper Ground South (Graduate Space)
Eunson Giblin Library (building 105)
Opening hours
Upper Ground South Eunson Giblin Library Opening Hours


This facility is available to Faculty of Business and Economics staff, postgraduate, honours and research students. It is to be used ONLY for accessing the research data resources available through the Faculty of Business and Economics. There are 18 machines at this facility, no printing is available.

Faculty of Business and Economics

Teaching Computing Spaces

198 Berkeley St (The Spot)
Level 3 — 03.010, 03.011, 03.012, 03.013, and 03.014
Level 4 — 04.024
Level 5 — 05.013 and 05.014
Level 6 — 06.015

Teaching Spaces

111 Barry Street (FBE Building)
Level 2 — Theatres: 211, 221
Level 2 — Classrooms: 209, 210, 212, 213, 214, 219, 229, 222, 223, 224, 225, and 226


There are no printing facilities in the teaching spaces.

Software available in FBE Computing Spaces

Amazon Redshift ODBC Driver

Anaconda 3

Azure Data Studio

BrainVoyager Brain Tutor

Business Explorer



Eviews 8

Eviews 9

Eviews 10

Eviews 11

Eviews 12

GIMP 2.10.22

IBM SPSS Amos 27

IBM SPSS Statistics 27


Inquisit 5

JetBrains PyCharm Community

Mathtype 6

Mathtype 7

Matlab 2019b

Microsoft Machine Learning Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2019

MiKTex 2.9

Minitab 19

MYOB AccountRight Enterprise v19

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

NetLogo 6.0.1

R 4.0.3


SAP Front Endnote

SAS 9.4

Scientific Workplace 5.5

StataSE 16

StataSE 17

Tableau 2021.2

Vose Software ModelRisk

Wolfram Mathematica 12.1


Building Access

Swipe card access to FBE student spaces is automatic based on enrolment. Students with access issues should contact Stop 1 to check their enrolment status.

I am unable to access the building/room I need to, what should I do?

You should ask yourself the following:

  • Has my student card expired? If so, you will need to obtain a replacement card.
  • Is my student card working? To check this, you will need to test your card against a card reader (e.g. at the main entrance door of a building):
    • If the card reader beeps: this means your student card is functional.
    • If there is no beep: your student card is faulty and will need to be replaced.