Career Mentoring Program

The Career Mentoring Program has successfully matched many hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business and Economics with business professionals in a mentoring partnership. Participating students are linked with mentors based on their shared interests, course of study, and area of specialty.

Please note:  Applications for the 2019 program will open in March 2019.

  • Benefits of Participating

    The program aims to assist you with your transition out of university into the workforce and to involve members of industry in a mutually beneficial partnership. A mentor may be able to provide you with information on industries, professions, and general work skills as well as advice and support with career direction, networking, skills assessment, job hunting/applications. Partners of accounting firms, directors of management consultancies, bankers, senior public servants and many other professionals have been offering valuable insights into the world of commerce to the Faculty's students.

    By being involved in this program, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Better understand your skills, motivations and career preferences
    • Identify and develop your career strategy
    • Learn about different professions and industries
    • Increase your networking circle
    • Develop your communication, presentation and networking skills
    • Improve your CV and your interviewing technique
  • Compulsory Information Sessions

    You must register and attend at least one of the scheduled information sessions. All sessions are advertised in your Bcom Newsletters and registrations are via Careers Online, links below.

    (click through for registration and further details on each session)

    On--campus sessions

    CMP Information Session  5th March 2019 12 pm - 1pm

    CMP Information Session  7th March 2019 12 pm - 1pm

    CMP Information Session  11th March 2019 1pm - 2pm

    CMP Information Session  14th March 2019 12 pm - 1pm

    Webinar sessions

    Information Session  12th March 2019 4pm - 5pm

    Information Session  13th March 2019 12 pm - 1pm

    When you attend one of these sessions you will receive a unique link to apply.

    Applications formally open in 5th March 2019 and close 18th March 2019.

  • Application Procedures

    To apply you must have attended at least one of the information sessions (see Compulsory Information Sessions above).

    Applications will open in March 2019.

    Students will be notified of successful application in early April 2019.

    Hint: to improve your application skills we recommend you attend the workshops provided by the Student Employability Program (STEP), workshop details here.

  • The Matching Process

    Because of the popularity of the program, the student selection process is competitive. Students must progress through a screening process to ensure their suitability for the program. We also ask the mentors to register online to ensure we understand their background, experience and skills in order for us to begin the matching process.

    When matching mentors and mentees, we look at areas of study, professional experience, and interest areas of both individuals and try to match accordingly.

    Please note: Selection of students to participate in the Career Mentoring Program is at the discretion of the Faculty of Business and Economics. The Faculty of Business and Economics has the right to, at its sole discretion, terminate or revoke the invitation to the mentor or mentee.

  • Important Dates

    The program runs on a yearly cycle from April until October with the approximate time-frames as follows:

    • 5 - 18 March - Mentoring information sessions offered and online applications open. (Please note: attendance to these sessions is compulsory to apply for the program).
    • Early-April - Students will be notified about their application.
    • Mid-April - Career Mentoring Program launch - successful students are informed about their match and can initiate their first meeting.
    • July/August - Mentoring networking event.
    • Late October - Career Mentoring Program Mentoring concludes and end of formal mentoring partnerships.
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