Studies in Engineering

Qualified engineers are in high demand and are well paid. As an engineering graduate you’re assured of a vast range of interesting and well-paid employment opportunities around the world.

How to study Engineering through the Bachelor of Commerce

To become a professionally accredited engineer you will need to complete the Master of Engineering. As a Bachelor of Commerce student, you’ll need to successfully complete four prerequisite subjects in order to meet the entry requirements for the three-year Master of Engineering. These subjects are :

  • 2 x specified Level-1 maths subjects, 12.5 points each
  • 2 x first year Level-1 science (relevant to your chosen engineering stream e.g. Electrical, Mechanical etc.), 12.5 points each

The specific prerequisites required will vary depending on your chosen engineering specialisation, but many overlap. A table listing specific prerequisites related to each engineering specialisation can be found here.

Option 1: Graduate Degree Package (GDP)

3 + 3 years = 6 year pathway

Enrol in the Commerce/Engineering GDP and use your breadth to fulfil the four engineering pre-requisites and continue to the Master of Engineering or Master of Engineering (with Business).

Bachelor of Commerce students commencing from 2019 onwards who are recipients of a Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship and students with a Commerce/Engineering GDP will be allowed to complete four specific Level 1 breadth subjects to meet the pathway requirements. You will need to submit an Enrolment Variation form to enrol in the fourth breadth subject.

Option 2: Standard BCom/MEng pathway

3 + 3 years = 6 year pathway

Enrol in the Bachelor of Commerce and use your breadth to fulfil the first three engineering pre-requisites.

As students cannot complete four first-year subjects as breadth, you will need to take one as an additional subject via single subject study (Community Access Program). This will be free of charge if you achieve a course weighted average of 65% and have completed the other three prerequisite subjects.

This arrangement applies to Bachelor of Commerce students who commenced their course from 2017 onwards. The tuition fees will be covered by Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT) for one attempt of the subject only.

You will need to apply for the Master of Engineering in your final semester of study.

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