Studies in Engineering

Qualified engineers are in high demand and are well paid. As an engineering graduate you’re assured of a vast range of interesting and well-paid employment opportunities around the world.

How to study Engineering through the Bachelor of Commerce

To become a professionally accredited engineer you will need to complete the Master of Engineering. Commerce students who wish to undertake graduate engineering at the Melbourne School of Engineering will need to successfully complete 4-breadth subjects to meet the entry requirements for the three-year Master of Engineering (MC-ENG). These subjects are:

  • MAST10006 – Calculus 2, 12.5 points*
  • MAST10007 – Linear Algebra, 12.5 points*
  • 2 x first year level 1 science (relevant to your chosen engineering stream e.g. Electrical, Mechanical etc), 12.5 points each

* For Software and Spatial Engineering, students can complete Calculus 1 and one of Calculus 2 or Linear Algebra.

These subjects are all level 1 subjects. As the University’s breadth rules do not allow completion of more than 37.5 points of level 1 subjects, the Melbourne School of Engineering will provide a fee waiver for one of the prerequisite subjects to be undertaken via the Community Access Program (CAP). Please note that this waiver will apply to one attempt of the subject only. To qualify, Commerce students must have completed three of the required prerequisites subjects, and have a minimum course weighted average of 65%. This offer only applied to Bachelor of Commerce students who commenced their course from 2017 onwards.

  • Please contact Jacqui Hoare ( at the Melbourne School of Engineering to discuss entry requirements, required prerequisites, and how to apply for the additional subject funded by the Melbourne School of Engineering.

The Master of Engineering is the first degree in Australia to be accredited by both Engineers Australia and EUR-ACE® in Europe*.

Melbourne Chancellor's Scholars and Graduate Degree Package students

Bachelor of Commerce students commencing from 2019 onwards who are recipients of a Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship and students admitted to a Graduate Degree Package (GDP) to the Master of Engineering will be allowed to complete four specific Level 1 breadth subjects to meet the pathway requirements.

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* The Master of Engineering and Master of Engineering (with Business) are accredited by Engineers Australia. The Master of Engineering (Spatial) and the Master of Engineering (Biomedical with Business, Electrical with Business and Software with Business) are provisionally accredited until sufficient students graduate from the programs.